Welcome to the north side of Montenegro, welcome to Zabljak 

This was the longest drive while being in Montenegro, but a beautiful 1!


It’s actually kind of strange, we left while it was about 30°c and at one point we had to go through a tunnel, we probably went through a mountain but suddenly our temperature dropped to 16°c.

What a change was that, I knew it would be chill but not that much, lol!
Once arrived we changed from shorts and tops to long pants and sweaters.
it was raining the day we arrived so we couldn’t do that much but have dinner.
The town reminded me kind of a typical skier village, small and cosy!

I think locals and people from the Balkan come here to have their winter vacay.
And they should! It looked so beautiful I can imagine it when it’s snowing.

Tara river Canyon
The other day we went to see the famous Tara Bridge.
Build in 1937 and 172m above the river was at that time the biggest vehicular concrete arch bridge in Europe.
You can do some zip lines and go rafting here and that was really amazing, the water isn’t green but blue because it comes from the mountains and yes, the water is really cold.


We didn’t do any of those although we wanted to, but it was raining (we known, not so adventures for us this time) so we had coffee, enjoyed this stunning view and jumped in our car and just drove.

We stopped to the next village, Mojkovac and this town has culture totally different
I mean we barely saw tourists here and a cup of coffee was 0.90 cent!
Apparently people come here to jump of a bridge and it does attract lots of people.

We had a great time up in the hills, to be honest I thought it would be a bit boring because I think this was more of a skiing trip but I was wrong.
Totally worth a visit, here you can see the different side of what Montenegro has to offer!



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