Welcome to the Travel page of Wanderlust Tourist.
If traveling is your cup of tea, than this page might be for you.
This page is dedicated to all things travel related, whether you’re looking for destinations, tips and tricks or accommodations.
Such as how to get from one place to the other, the benefits of taking a city card (day pass) or even some food spots! You’ll all find it here.
Recently we own a dog, Luna and we’re happy to share our tips for traveling with a dog.
Luna is an American Stafford and this breed isn’t allowed in every country, that’s why it could be interesting to share our insights as well.

Why should you travel?

We feel that traveling is a way to push our self to get out of our comfort zone.
Get to know a different you and take it back home to implement it in your daily life.
For us, it makes us feel happier and content, we get to reconnect to each other while disconnecting from home.
Traveling also benefits your health as well, such as your mental well being.
That being said, we all love food. Why not try dishes we eat at home like Italian food, but than in Italy?
Discovering local food is a must.

In a nutshell.

Traveling is a great ice breaker to start a topic, so you’ll easily make new friends as well
That’s why traveling is important for us, doesn’t matter if it luxurious or going back to basics.
Once back home, we’re always proud of what we accomplished and overcome.
The best part is ‘we can scratch that from our list’ but in the end, the list never ends right?