Travel: Top festivals in Spain to add To Your Bucket List Now!

Like all of you, I have been locked down for months, with nothing to do but dream of all the holidays I want to go on.
You all know my philosophy surrounding travel is to push myself out of my comfort zone and experience new places and cultures. Recently I have stumbled upon Stoke Travel’s website, and I am now obsessed with the idea of going on a festival trip.
Forget Oktoberfest, Spain has numerous crazy festivals happening where you can join in the fun with the locals and have an unforgettable experience.

Here are the top festivals in Spain I am adding to my bucket list.

  • La Tomatina in Buñol
  • Sitges Carnival, Sitges
  • Sonar Festival, Barcelona
  • San Vino Wine Fight Festival, Haro

La Tomatina in Buñol

Of course this was going to be the top of the list of my favorite top festivals in Spain! The world’s biggest tomato fight, sign me up!
Every year approximately 20,000 people descend on this little town to throw tomatoes at each other. The start of the food fight is marked by a canon. And then everyone has an hour to throw as many tomatoes as possible at each other. Afterwards, everyone heads to the Buñol river to wash off. Stoke Travel has given me an amazing deal to pass onto you as well!
If you book with my discount code (wanderlusttourist) you will get unlimited beer and sangria. How generous is that! They do a range of different packages. From all-inclusive camping to just the ticket if you’ve managed to organise everything else.

La tomatina, Top festivals in Spain 

La Tomatina top festival in spain

Sitges Carnival, Sitges

Mardis Gras, or Fat Tuesday, is the final chance to go crazy and indulge in whatever you please before the 40 days of Lent starts. Mardis Gras is just the final day of Sitges Carnival. Though, each day of Carnival brings another themed parade with party music and general debauchery. There are so much glitter and glitz, as well as fabulous costumes worn by everyone in attendance. The campier and more flamboyant your costume, the better! Then there are the parties late into the night. The popularity of Sitges Carnival means you will be dancing alongside people from all over the world.

Sitges Carnival, Sitges festival in spain

For such a big event like this, travelling on an organised trip with someone like Stoke Travel means that everything is taken care of. Organising accommodation and transport yourself for a popular festival like this means you will pay insane hotel prices or spend hours waiting at the train station for a train back to Barcelona. Stoke Travel picks you up and takes you straight back to Barcelona quickly and safely. But it’s the extra touches such as the complimentary bottle of sangria.

Sonar Festival, Barcelona

Sonar is one of Europe’s biggest music festivals, and it is held right in Barcelona. A perfect addon for your city break. It is all about the world’s newest and most exciting electronic music acts. While there have been some huge names playing Sonar Festival, mostly it is set up for die-hard electronic music fans. There is Sonar by Day, which is more of a relaxed vibe with a mojito-sipping crowd dressed up in their festival best to cheer on the lesser-known artists. The bigger names play Sonar by Night which is placed a little further out of the city and is a massive rave.

sonar festival in spain

Stoke Travel offers all-inclusive packages packed with fun activities like walking tours and cooking classes. There are a bunch of addons like flamenco shows, tapas tours, and waterparks so you can experience all Barcelona has to offer.


San Vino Wine Fight Festival, Haro

How does the Rioja region celebrate having some of the best red wine in the world? By throwing it at each other of course! The wine that isn’t good enough to make it into bottles is saved up all year. So locals and tourists can load buckets, jugs, and water pistols with wine and drench each other in the craziest festival ever. The wine fight takes place on a hill overlooking the gorgeous Rioja vineyards. But don’t pause and admire the view for too long, or you’ll be a sitting duck!

top festivals in spain, san vino

Stoke Travel offers fantastic packages to allow guests to see the surrounding area as well as join in the wine fight. They offer bottomless brunches with mimosas, wine and cheese tasting, bar crawls and live music. And tips on the best pre and post wine fight parties. If you book the 24 hours or three-night package, be sure to use my code (wanderlusttourist) to get unlimited beer and sangria. Between the expertise of the local guides, food and drink inclusions, and campsite parties, Stoke Travel’s packages are amazing value.

My favorite top festivals in Spain

That’s it for now, but don’t forget there are many more parties and events going on in Spain.
You can celebrate the super bowl in Barcelona or have spring break in Ibiza.
Get your dirty dancing shoes out and have a drink to next year!

Let’s make 2021 an unforgettable one




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