Travel: Top 5 things to do in La Joue du Loup, Le Dévoluy

Top 5 dingen te doen in La Joue du Loup

I have probably said it a couple of times that there is so much more to do besides skiing in Le Devoluy.
These are my top 5 things to do in Le Dévoluy you could and should do during your winter wonderland vacay.  

Snowshoe hiking  

We did an easy hike with our tour guide Baptiste.  
Baptiste provided us with the proper footwear, it goes over your hiking shoes to prevent that you sink and can walk properly over the snow.
He explained us about the fauna and flora you can find in Le Dévoluy, did you know that there are wolves here?  
Baptist showed us some animal tracks and knew what animal it was by only looking at the prints in the snow.  

things to do in Le Dévoluy Animal footprint

Foggy morning

We started our hike at 9.30 am, the starting point was only a 300 meters drive from our accommodation in La Joue du Loup.
La Joue de Loup was still covered with fog and as we kept on going higher, we started to get a little anxious because we couldn’t get to enjoy our view while walking up. 

Foggy morning things to do in Le Dévoluy

Eventually we walked up to the most amazing view!   
The higher we got, the clearer the fog became and the view over La Joue du Loup was magical.  
Going back down was fast, easy and super fun because the snow was so soft!  

View after hiking

Quad biking   

 If there was something I wasn’t sure on how I would feel about it, well this was it.  
Quad biking is a kind of bicycle with 4 wheels with a supple body.  
Some basic rules needed to be applied:

quad biking Things to do Le Dévoluy quad biking

You have to lean in with your body when your making a curve and do not completely push in your brakes. 
The awesome part is that it’s mostly downhill and even some roads are off-road. 
Due to the tires not having a good grip, you have to be careful when on ice. 

View Quad biking

This was my least favorite thing to do if I may be honest, but maybe that’s because I had a small accident with the quad bikes and had the thing over my head. 
Although the route was awesome, some parts made it feel like we had a lot of diversity  because some were on road and some partly off-road. 
Our guide Mathieu did things that made it look so easy but he was such a daredevil.
Make sure you were a scarf! Although you are being active and it feels pretty warm you best cover your neck, oh and wear glasses!
Due to the wind I cried the whole way lol! 
Once arrived at the end location, Mathieu drove us back to the meeting point in La Joue du Loup.  

Sledge dogs -> Les Traineaux du Dévoluy

This is a fun but short activity and only when there is enough snow (during winter). 
Right before you enter La Joue du Loup you can see a big sign ‘Les Traineaux du Dévoluy

Dog Sledge Le dévoluy

We’re meeting with Ines & Laureen who runs the business and train the dogs. 
They take such good care of these dogs, some of the dogs were abandoned but have found a new home with the pack! 
The ride takes about 30 min, you’ll be pulled by the dogs and and if you speak French, she’ll explain some of the sights. 
I was sitting alone but I think you can sit with 2 in a sled. 
It was short but sweet! 

Things to do Le Dévoluy dog sledge Dog Slegde

On y va

Visited a sheep farm -> Flouka Merino Wool

I enjoyed this a lot!  
It was a super nice change to do a relaxed activity after some days of being sportive and active all the time,
We are meeting with Sébastien who owns the Flouka Merino Wool company, which is a unique company and is located in Le Dévoluy.

Things to do Le Dévoluy Merino Wool

Basically, they run a sheep farm and they take care of more than 600 sheep! 
He uses the wool to make clothing or fun accessories, he sells these in his cute little shop near the farm or you can even find him online. 
Make sure to check him out, he ships worldwide! 

guard dogg 600 scheep

Shop merino wool shop


Flouka Merino wool process  

At the farm you’ll get a ‘behind the scenes’ tour, he’ll explain you how he takes care of the sheep, when and how he shaves the sheep and what happens with the wool. 
He has 2 colours of sheep; white and black, so the stuff you see are all-natural colours and aren’t in any way dyed. 
He had some big sheep as well, I wouldn’t take my eyes of them but there were also lambs, baby sheep. 
I felt like a kid in candy shop, I couldn’t stop petting them! 

demo working sheep wool

I was surprised he did it 90% all by himself, his sister helps him with the rest. 
He told us that with the newest technology he could do most of the work himself. 
As you can see he’s not an old farmer so he easily adapted and of course he knows how to work the world wide web. 
I’m always happy when somebody talks about his work with passion. 

 baby lamb

Snowmobile chasing the sunset through the mountains of Le Dévoluy 

I’ve gotten a bit nervous when I heard that I had to ride it on my own! 
I always get nervous when I do something new that goes fast. 
For the snow scooter you’ll need to head out to Super Dévoluy. 

things to do Le Dévoluy snowmobile

Let’s go

You’ll be given a net (due hygienic reasons) to put over your hair and a helmet. 
The guide explains you what to expect and how the scooter works. 
It was actually easy because it was an automatic, only give gas or just hit the brakes. 
Our guide was awesome, sometimes he stopped and got off to tell me that it is going to be a steep uphill so that I need to give full on gas or I wouldn’t or hardly make it up the hill. 
Or when it was a hard part he would take over and help me out. 
This was a wonderful experience, the colours of the sunset over the mountains, it really is like in the movies! 

Ski scooter Le Dévoluy

Child friendly 

The best part of my top 5 things to do in Le Dévoluy is that you can do them with children as well. 
I think this is a nice way to mix up your winter vacation with the kids. 
The next time I’m in Le Dévoluy I want to go fat biking and go to their new spa that is opening this upcoming summer! 

No worries for the daredevils among us, there is plenty more to do. 
I just didn’t discover them, Yet. 
Here is one I bet you want to learn more of, wing jumping. 
It’s a wing you put on like a coat and is added to your usual ski gear, it gives skiing the feeling of being lifted, it’s like rediscovering skiing. 
Wing jumping is a new approved activity you can do here in Le Dévoluy 



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