These shoes are made for walking and that's just what I'll do. Quechua walking shoes

I just told you about my awesome time in Zabeljak Montenegro.
Well I came semi prepared I said semi, I didn’t bring enough sweaters LOL.

But I did bring my decent walking shoes that I got from Decathlon.
On one of our former trips we got to hike a couple of times but each time I just did that with sneakers, as comfy as they look they weren’t made for hiking.

So this time I got myself a pair of walking shoes, Quechua walking shoes.
They’re semi high boots, oh and they are bright blue, I could have chosen a more neutral colour but where’s the fun in that.

These shoes are soo comfortable, no blisters or sore heels.
Most important no wet and for this moment cold feet!
I learned my lesson and will bring a pair for next time!

PS: these aren’t expensive at all and not too heavy.



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