Travel: Why Springfest Should Be At The Top Of Your Travel Bucket List

The world is FINALLY opening up again, and I can’t wait to book something really special for my first holiday for 2021. I’ve been looking into the idea of festival travel for next year because after lockdowns. I think festivals are going to have a crazy, fun atmosphere next year. One of the festivals that I have been dying to go to is Springfest in Munich. It is just down the road from Belgium, and combines German beer and fireworks!

Springfest Munich by night

Springfest vs Oktoberfest

What’s the difference between Springfest and Oktoberfest? Both are a beer drinking festival in Germany. Springfest is held in April/May and a bit like Oktoberfest but with better weather and smaller, local crowds. It still has German beer, great food, and rides. There is also a fireworks display every evening and a huge flea market to sort your festival looks. Because the weather is generally better for Springfest. Instead of beer halls, drinks are served in pop up beer gardens where you can enjoy the sunshine with friends and relax a little more.

The best part is, you get the chance to mingle with locals. Springfest is a little bit of a well-kept secret compared to Oktoberfest. Any friends you make will be local people or adventurous travellers in the know. It was initiated in 1964, that makes for a much more authentic experience as the festival is designed for local tastes.

Arranged package via Travelstoke

Festival trips can be difficult to arrange by yourself, but booking through a festival specialist like Stoke Travel means that you can just relax and enjoy your trip! You will be staying in a campsite close to Springfest with guides to show you exactly how to get to the festival. You don’t even have to think about breakfast and dinner! A bottomless mimosa brunch is served every single morning at the campsite. And dinner every evening will be prepared by their travelling chef.

Perhaps my favourite thing about Stoke Travel is it brings together a crowd of international travellers who love to have fun. They turn the campsite into a mini-festival with DJs, an open bar, and drinking games. This party is called Stoketoberfest, and during Springfest, it is the second-best party in Munich. Accommodation is festival style, in tents and tepees but you have the option for up to eight people in a tent if you want to keep the party going. Or private tents if you want to get your beauty sleep.

Glamping via Stoketravel

Stoke Travel has a number of different packages available for Springfest, depending on your accommodation preferences. If you book one of their packages, use my code wanderlusttourist for free unlimited beer and sangria at Stoketoberfest’s open bar.

Let the fun begin in 2021


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