SKN face cream Yun Probiotherapy

By now you already know I have sensitive skin, that means I can’t use any products like most people do.

Let me tell you about Yun probiotherapy
The brand Yun is a Belgian brand that figured a way out on how to use bacteria and microbiome in our advantage.
Mostly when we have skin problems we usually use products that kill all bacteria, good and bad.
Removing good bacteria means our skin recovers slower.
While YUN says we should add good bacteria, so they developed some products that helps the growth of your good bacteria and adds friendly bacteria right where they are needed.
SKN face cream.
‘Preserves your skin microbiome Sensitive Skin’, that’s the first think you’ll read.
Honestly, after I’ve read the words ‘sensitive Skin’ I already was happy LOL!
Okay serious now, I had to chance to test it.
They did warn me that it will take some time to see the results because my skin first needs to adapt a bit ( we should actually do that more often, we are too quick to judge and wanting results immediately )
Well, It feels like a light soft milky cream and it smells neutral.
The first couple of days my skin reacted like usually with small red bumps on my forehead, I had to be patient and now I’m really happy that I waited because my skin feels more balanced and looks smoother.
I had a small problem under my left eye like a dry spot and now you can barely see it, I’m really content with this Belgian product and proud!
In october they had a pop up ‘pimple bar’.
How funky does that sound? It was a bar where you can have a drink and shameless talk about acne or other skin problems.
You can talk to some of the scientists or to a skin expert, so that’s really interesting but still in a relaxed way.
I hope they’ll do it more often, I’m a fan.

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