Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick, Bourjois Paris

Welcome my newbie lipsticks, I’ve tested 5 new colors and I love them!


The rouge edition of Bourjois are pretty cool, they’re all mat but when you apply it feels super soft.
I kind of forgot it was mat while I was putting it on because of the rich and fluent texture.
After dipping my lips you can immediately see it becoming mat and the greatest thing is, I can kiss hubs without him getting annoyed after being all smudged, yaay.

Win win situation with these babies.
This edition comes in different kinds or red (see rouge) to even bright purple.
You can guess and if you see the pics that they’re a more winter colour than a summer one.
The colors I have from left to right
01: Hey nude 02: Flaming rose 04: Hip hip pink 07: Joli carmin ois 11: Berry formidable 12: Brunette
You can get them for about 14 euro’s.
PS: Flaming rose is my favorite at the moment




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