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Garnier Ultra ginger recovery blog

I’m a great fan of the Garnier Ultra Doux brand as its products are nourishing and gentle. The brand’s shampoos and conditioners are made of recyclable PET plastic with 30% post-consumer recycled material. This renders them as a cleaner and greener beauty product.

All the shampoos, conditioner and treatment from the brand are free from a preservative that ensures no harmful effect to your hair or scalp. As a sustainable beauty product, the ingredients are fairly purchased and sustainably sourced to support not only Mother Nature. But also local farmers and communities.

Garnier Ultra Ginger recovery

The Garnier ginger recovery shampoo has transformed my hair. My hair feels softer and shinier than before. Although Ginger fragrance in this strengthening shampoo act as a deterrent in the beginning. The golden honey contained in it gradually overwhelmed the fragrance.

Antioxidants in ginger extract are known for strengthening, rejuvenating and revitalizing hair.
My hair strengthened along with the golden honey. My hair is offered two times more anti-breakage protection and strength against fragility by this paraben-free shampoo.

Ginger recovery shampoo

Garnier shampoo is very soft and foamy which cleared all dust particles besides leaving your hair lustrous and voluminous. The fizz of the shampoo smells amazing and my hair seems to be back to life after the first usage. Ginger fragrance mixed with golden honey helped me feel relaxed and calm while washing my hair. Normally, I don’t like the fragrance of ginger.

Garnier ultra doux

For the best results, massage a sufficient amount of shampoo into wet hair and rinse thoroughly. Than, I followed Garnier strengthening conditioner.

The Ginger recovery’s shampoo fragrance is warm, soothing, and has a calming effect like that of burning incense. It makes my hair look great!

Ginger recovery conditioner

After washing my hair with Ginger recovery strengthening shampoo I’ve used whole blends Ginger recovery conditioner. Which is again paraben-free. Being free of many harsh ingredients that can damage your hair. This great product from Garnier is recommended for all hair types.

Ginger recovery

I applied a generous amount halfway down and gently work to the hair before finally rinsing it with water.
Than, I left it for about five minutes so that it can work more effectively on my hair texture and leaving them shinier. On the bottle you can read that you can rinse almost immediately, but from experience I always let conditioner stay between five to ten minutes.

Enriched with honey, the conditioner increases the natural moisture content of both the hair and the scalp. And, it also avoids issues like dryness or itchiness on the scalp.

In a nutshell

The Garnier Ultra Ginger recovery conditioner from Garnier is in a creamy yellow color and leaves very soft smells on the hair. The conditioner has truly untangled my hair. It’s extremely affordable and can be bought in any local grocery store near you. I’m very satisfied with this conditioner. It has left my hair feeling so nourished after rinsing & smells great too. I recommend the conditioner to every beautiful woman out there who would love to pamper her hair and herself.

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