Pampering time with Urtekram

We recently bought a house that needed a renovation and man what a piece of work.
Every night we ended our day all exhausted but once in a while we’ve got to relax
Especially around this time of the year I needed some pampering.

I recently got the chance to test some Urtekram coconut shower gel, body lotion and Aloe Vera spray conditioner.

Well first things first, I love the scent of coconut, that always reminds me of summer.
So after a nice hot shower (soon a bath hooray) I can continue with that wonderful scent and use the body lotion.

What’s special about these products is that it’s cruelty free, vegan and organic.
The shower gel contains organic coconut nectar and diglycerin that cleans and moisturizes normal skin.
And the body lotion has virgin coconut oil and hyaluronic acid that nourishes and of course also moisturizes the normal skin

Now for the Aloe Vera spray conditioner is a great product!
I use it often!
It is a leave in spray, you can spray it wether your hair is wet or dry, it works for both.

Normally I use a bunch of products for my hair, but because sometimes I forget my stuff and I can only wash my hair and not nourish it, to me it’s not a big deal anymore.
I just shake it and spray it, and voila no more dry ends.

You can also use it right before you model your hair with heating, it will help you to protect it.
It contains hydrolyzed corn and beetroot
4And what’s great about it, is that you can just get them in Carrefour.

PS, of course you can have them for all kind of skin types and with a different scent.



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