Beauty: I tried L’occitane lip scrub marmalade

L'occitane lip scrub marmalade

Your lips are an index of your face. Flaky, dry, chapped lips tell the entire story of your body moisturizer content. Even I was not much concerned about my lips’ condition until I tried L’occitane lip scrub that came as a true savior for mines.
Now that I have used this product I am a die-hard fan since my first experience with this lip scrub.
And, has recommended it to all my friends and family.

Forever Soft and Juicy Lips with Perfect Lip Scrub

This delicious lip scrub (I licked a little accident while scrubbing my lips and believe me it tasted amazingly delicious) is enriched with vitamin C and E. The key ingredient of this lip scrub is carrot vegetable oil which is famous for its high content in pro-vitamin A.
Also, it is enriched with mandarin extract; cold compressed pomegranate oil and handpicked Corsican pomelo oil.

Carrot oil softens your lips and vitamin E has the antioxidant properties which mean your lips would be soft and lump like celebs that go under scissors to have that look.

But with L’occitane Marmalade kiss delicious Lip scrub you could temporarily have that look at your home.

How to Use the Scrub?

Ever since I used L’occitane product, I have added this to my must-have list.
not only for beauty care but for skin treatment around my most delicate part on the face, lips.

You can apply this scrub to dry lips for a few seconds, massage gently and rinse off. And there you are with plump lips having soft layer and all dead skin cell removed.

Incorporate this scrub into your facial regimen and you would be exfoliating your complete face at a single go.

Rosy lips that are smooth and shining adds to the confidence of the owner. So why you should be left behind when it is available so discounted prices and would be delivered to your doorstep if you are ordering.

Lip Balm for Final Touch Up

Once you exfoliate your lips with this L’occitane lip scrub, don’t forget to use a lip balm that provides an occlusive coating on the lips surface, sealing the moisture. A good lip balm protects lips from any damage done by dry air or cold weather conditions (these tend to take away moisture from the lips).

Tips For Using The Perfect Lip Scrub From L’occitane

  • Use small, circular finger motions
  • Massage gently for about 30 seconds (over rubbing is not advisable)
  • Rinse off with lukewarm water
  • Use short, light strokes if applying with a brush or sponge
  • Avoid using lip scrub if your lips have any open cuts, or are sunburned or raw.

Let your nude lips that are soft and plump talk for you!



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