Beauty: Lisine Total Skin Rescue serum review

Lisine rescue serum

I was looking for something to enhance my skin quality. Something that could curb away some of the mild issues from my skin, delivering flawless luminescence with super hydration meanwhile. So I decided to try a new hype in the market in the name of the Lisine Total Skin Rescue serum 5ml sample tester.
I was curious as the brand claims this product to be the replacement for Botox.
I found the product claims impressive as it is a serum that helps eliminate signs of aging and wrinkle post several uses.

Lisine total skin rescue serum

I was excited enough to try this, hence I got the 5ml sample tester.
I tried it as per the instructions enclosed with the product. It was asked to be used after the morning and evening cleansing routine.
I was a little skeptical to use it twice being a new product so I decided to try it only in the morning. On day one, I used it before my moisturizing morning routine.
I was feeling positive about the product and was eagerly waiting for the results to show.
I expected a clean, radiant and uplifted skin but surprisingly, after using it for 2 days my skin felt stretchy and there were no visible effects onto my skin.

Skin reaction

But still, I decided to give it some time and continued using the product thinking that results might take some time to show. It had been almost a week since I started using the Lisine Total Skin Rescue serum. After a week of using the product, I got pimples erupting on my face. It was shocking! I never expected this from Lisine total skin rescue.
Not only this, but my skin also felt itchy, patchy and hurt.

At first, I thought this to be my skin adapting itself to a new product and its ingredients but soon I realized that this wasn’t the case.
I was disappointed to see these results as I tried this particular product to make my skin quality better but sadly it got worse.
All those fancy claims by the company to get the clear, firmer, wrinkle-free and radiantly moisturized skin didn’t turn out to be true to me.
The sample testing of the product worsened my skin condition.

Cause of the reaction

The ingredients listed in the packaging of the product can be the reason behind the skin irritation which I suffered from.
The product contains Oxybenzone which is not good for our skin cells and may disrupt hormones. It gets accumulated in our body and may cause worrisome side effects.
Many premium brands are keeping away from this harmful ingredient. I never expected such unfavorable results on my skin from a publicized skincare product. What so ever the reasons are but I never suffered acne. But now I got them after using this product.
This may not be the case with each and everyone using the serum. I wasn’t happy at all to use this product and would recommend people with sensitive skin not to use it.

ps: This is not to badly talk the brand but my honest opinion.




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