Lip Voltage, The Powerhouse lip plumper

Lately it has been a trend to have fuller lips, even girls hurt them selfs trying it ‘natural’ .


I love putting on lipsticks or lip-gloss, but I don’t like to ‘fake’ draw them bigger through a pencil.
So I don’t do that at all, also because I don’t know how without you noticing too much LOL.
And I’m scared of needles so I don’t feel the need to inject my lips.

I have the next best thing.
Powerhouse Iceagenics.
This is basically a lip-gloss that has 3 powerful ingredients to have a plump effect and if you use it daily like a ‘cure’ it can stay up for like 2 to 3 weeks.
Sound promising doesn’t it?
About the 3 ingredients
Linefill, Volulip and Peptides.
Linefill, takes care of recovering the volume loss in the lips.
VoluLip, this stimulates the natural hyaluronic acid that gives you that ‘lump’ look.
So you can visibly see that your lips gain in volume, it hydrates them and gives it softness.
Peptides, this gives the possibility to go deep in the dermis where the collagen produces been stimulated and helps with the tissue grow of your lips.
Due to the action of the peptides the results can stay up for 2 to 3 weeks, but that’s if you use it on a daily base.
How to.
It looks like a lip-gloss but for the best result is to ‘massage’ it around the ‘cupid’ curve, leave it on for about 10 to 15 min.
You can than take it off and put on your lipstick.
You can apply it several times a day and it should work immediately, results can last up to 24h.
It doesn’t feel like a typical lip-gloss, its softer and also it’s like having a filter on your lips.
You can feel a cold tingle the moment you apply it, some people may find it irritating.
If so than it’s better that you don’t use it because the feeling lasts a couple of min, that also means that the blood circulates better in the lips.
I like it because it’s a great alternative to have fuller lips and the result stays for a while.
It doesn’t feel unpleasant but that can vary from person to person of course.

You can get it for 35 euro’s.
ps: you can use this even if you have lip fillers and it increases the fine lines above the lips.


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