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Landal Wirftall Germany

We often go away on holiday to beautiful destinations like the Philippines or Hong Kong. But every time we do, we have to leave our beautiful dog Luna behind.
This year we decided to find somewhere we could go with Luna so we could have a holiday as a family.
The more we discussed the possibility the more excited we got that Luna could come on holiday with us.
Landal Wifttal in Germany it is!

Planning A Holiday With Luna

Now that we had decided to take Luna away with us, we had to think about a holiday that would work for all three of us. Plus there had to be plenty to do with Luna so it felt like a holiday for her too! Luna is a beautiful American Stafford and while she is the light of our lives, unfortunately Staffies get a bad (and totally untrue) reputation for being aggressive or dangerous.
I won’t get started on this topic as I could go on for years. But I am a firm believer that all breeds of dogs are gentle and any aggressiveness comes from the way individual dogs are trained and treated by humans.
Since Luna is a member of our family she’s gentle and cuddly because we have trained her as a pet not a guard dog.
My point is though, that unfortunately some countries and even some dog friendly places have rules against dogs like Staffies. So, we had to be careful of where we chose to holiday.

In search of a doggy friendly resort

We wanted somewhere we didn’t have to drive too far to get to, especially with Luna in the car. And I was aware of Landal Wirfttal in Germany as my family have holidayed in nearby areas in the past. It is surrounded by little towns and parks so we could take Luna on many different walks during our stay and it is a family friendly and dog friendly place.

Landal Wirfttal: Dog Friendly Cabins

Landal Wirfttal has dog friendly cabins, set up especially for dogs. They have dog beds, benches with food and water bowls you can adjust the height on.
There is also an enclosed garden on these cabins so your dog can enjoy being outside all day if they’d like. On the sides of each of these cabins is a dog shower with warm water to clean your dog off if they enjoy their walk a little too much.

living area cabin

lounge area

We didn’t stay in one of these dog cabins, we stayed in a 4L cabin which has two bedrooms and accommodates up to 4 people.
There wasn’t an enclosed garden but we didn’t mind as Luna is well trained so we could take her outside while we sat on the terrace.
Also we took her for plenty of walks while we were away so she was usually tired out after those.

bedroom landal second bedroom bathroom landal


Dog Friendly Facilities

The property has plenty of other facilities for dogs. There is a dog playground with an agility course for dogs that are energetic. At the playground there are dog garbage bag dispensers and a hose to wash your dog off if they get dirty. Onsite is a dog walking track and the nearby towns have dog friendly parks we could take Luna to so she could discover somewhere new.
We went to Lissendorft and Kronenburg and Luna loved the parks, there were some beautiful trails we could follow and the walks weren’t too long.

Landal supermarket

Landal Wirfttal: Facilities For Humans Too

Luna loved her holiday and had a good time away but it was important that we had a good time too!
It is a different holiday than our usual style but overall we enjoyed it.
There was an indoor pool so no matter the weather it’s possible to go for a swim here.
There was also mini golf and some water sports like sailing onsite. For families they had lots of playgrounds too.

Landal wirftall pool

We tried the onsite restaurant and it was okay. You have to make reservations in advance as it is only a small restaurant.
The food was fine, but it seems to close quite early. When we went to dinner we were the only couple there when we finished dinner at 9.30pm.
Usually we’d stay for a drink and enjoy the ambience before leaving but we left straight after eating because we were worried they were staying open just for us.
There were full kitchen facilities in the cabin though and a supermarket onsite so we were able to relax and cook dinner in our cabin most nights.
Landal Wirfttal wasn’t too far from the local village so it was easy to drive to a supermarket there or eat at restaurants in the village if you wanted to eat out.

Restaurant Landal Wirfttal

things to do in Landal

What We Did On Holiday

We used Landal Wirfttal as a base to explore because we’re used to holidays where we’re out sightseeing most of the day. While we took Luna out most days to nearby towns to explore the parks, we took one trip without her. On the recommendation of my dad we went to Cochem and Bad Munstereifel. He rides his Harley Davidson to Cochem every year and told me I had to see the place! They are both historic German towns and we had a lovely day out exploring them both. Cochem has a castle where you can take an hour long tour to learn the history.


colorful cochem

Overall Impressions

We really enjoyed our holiday, it was amazing to be able to take Luna along and have facilities for her so she didn’t get bored. We enjoyed having a base from which we could explore all the little German towns in the area, they were really beautiful! Although it is not our usual style of holiday, it is nice knowing we could go back there with family for a relaxed holiday or go back again if we decide to take Luna away again.


PS: if you like to get to know Luna click here.

Get to know Luna


Landal wirfttal Germany

Adress: Wirftstraße 81, 54589 Stadtkyll, Germany

Tell :+49 6597 92920


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