Beauty: Label M sun edition travel package a tip from my hairdresser

If you are one of those girls that are frequently traveling and carrying a bunch of hair products , I have got some good news for you.
I have found the perfect brand that offers travel size products and its quality is exceptional.

Label M sun edition travel size

As I travel a lot, I’ve came across many situations where I couldn’t bring big bottles of products with me.
Luckily, my hairdresser has mentioned this.
So, for my recent travel to the Philippines, she recommended something new to me.
I’ve tried and tested the Label M sun edition hair products.
I must say that I have found the perfect hair care line for me.

To start off, I must mention that my trip and stay in the Philippines included beach time, of course!
However, keeping my hair protected from the sun was equally important as the protection of my skin.

The Label M sun edition collection consisted of 4 products.

  • Sun Protect Oil
  • Protein Spray
  • After Sun Cleanser
  • After Sun Mask

Each of the products are extremely important in the regular sun care and here is a more detailed description and here are my findings about them.

Sun protect oil

The sun protect oil comes as a hydrating addition to my sun care rituals.
I found it very useful and rich. It’s pretty light-weight and when applied on the hair, it gives that extra shine.
Its main purpose is to protect the hair from sun, salt water and chlorine more over, I can say that this formula really works well.
The hair is soft and smooth.

Protein Spray

Another great product from Label M sun edition that I found very useful is the Protein spray that has dual use, it detangles your hair and at the same time keeps it protected from the heat and sun rays. The Exclusive Enviroshield complex does wonders when protecting the hair from the styling heat and provides exceptional shine while doing it.

After sun cleanser

The after sun product is as important as the ones of the regular sun protect range.
The after sun care starts with the after sun cleanser. Which is in fact shampoo that deeply cleans any remains from chlorine, salt, sand, and sweat.
Most importantly, it restores the natural hair moisture and keeps the color from fading.
It contains UVA and UVB filters that repair the thermal damage and keep the hair protected from the sun.

After sun mask

The final product of Label M sun edition in the complete sun care routine is the after sun mask.
Its purpose is to counteract any damage that is done by the sun, sea or chlorine.
I applied the mask after washing my hair with the shampoo.
My hair felt nurtured, restored and hydrated.

In conclusion

The final result is impressive.
My hair feels like I was not exposed to the sun, or like I didn’t swim in the salty water.
With these products of ‘Label M’ I had that soft and silky feel, as if I was my own hairdresser.



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