Hotel: The Paradise Resort & Spa 5*

I have never been in a 5 star luxury hotel in my life, but then I saw a great deal on the Agoda website.
I though this was my chance.

Welcome to The Paradise Resort & Spa

Once arrived, we were heading to the big reception.
While they were checking our reservation we were led to the sofa, were offered some refreshing drinks and ‘warm’ towels while waiting.
I’v never been welcomed like that.
Afterwards we were escorted to our room.

First impression

My first impression was, this is sooo big, even for the 2 of us it was massive.
While somebody from the staff explained where we could find everything while in the bathroom, we saw a door and asked what this was.
Turned out we also had a hot tub, I can’t recall reading that in our reservation so that was a really nice surprise!
We had an open bedroom, a large closet with a vault inside, a lounge area next to it and also there was fresh fruit as a welcoming which we enjoyed of course!
A pretty large bathroom with a  double sink and a big shower but no bath, but honestly, we didn’t need that anyway.
On top of that we had an extra floor, which is nice but we didn’t use it.

Large Bathroom


Top service

There was a pretty strong free wi-fi signal, airco and a fridge, super handy because it was really hot in Sri Lanka.
Every day we were offered a complementary bottle of water.
And to top the service of the staff, they sorted out my make up, I feel ashamed of myself now, LOL.
If I know we are staying at the same place for a couple of days, I tend to be really messy with my make up.
They were so friendly to order them.
So thank you for that!

Our room was really neat, bug free and they even had a mosquito machine which Maarten was so happy about!

Breakfast and dinner

In the main building where the reception is you’ll also find the dining area and a bar.
There was free breakfast and it was a wide variety.
You’ll find a light breakfast like: oatmeal, muesli, corn flakes, yoghurt milk and honey.
If you like a more heavy breakfast, no worries they’ve got you covered.
Freshly cooked eggs with bacon, just ask for it and they will prepare it.

Or do you like a traditional Sri Lakan breakfast?
There was all sort of spread and different kind of bread.
It seems a lot but they don’t over do it.
By that I mean they make sure it doesn’t dry out so the proportions are being looked at.

Also in the evening you can enjoy a buffet diner if you pay extra for it.
We did that for the first evening because we had a ‘relaxing’ day and the price wasn’t too bad if you see what you can get for it.

so much yummy food
The bar, wich is also located in the main building is really cosy by night.
There is free wi-fi, a tv and a pool table.
So you won’t get bored in the evening, well we did close the bar everyday.
What can I say, we were enjoying our holiday and it was only the beginning of our holiday.
So 12am didn’t seem that late at the time.

Spa and pool

At The Paradise resort & spa domain there is also a Gym with airco, it’s not too big but it’s enough to do a little work out.
The pool was awesome, it was an open pool with not that many chairs.
But it seemed that most people did activities during the day, so we had the place/pool for ourself most of the time.
When the staff saw you were settled they’d come with towels that you can use for only near the pool.
There is also a pool bar but that was actually closed the whole time.
I could have enjoyed a cocktail near the pool.
And as the Hotel name mentions there is also a SPA of course!
We didn’t use it as there was no time sadly, but I did check out the brochure, you can have different kinds of massages and beauty treatments.
We had a driver during our whole trip and we asked if it was possible if our driver could stay.
It seems that large hotels have extra space for drivers.
It turns out that there still was room for our driver without any extra cost.

We really loved this hotel, our chalet, the food and staff.
It was really clean in our room but also the property.
I was Lucky agoda had a good deal for our 2 rooms.

Our friend had the exact same room, even though we made reservations for 1 double room and 1 person room.
The Paradise resort & spa
room view

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