Hotel: Cosmo City hotel 3* Budapest

We were going to Budapest with 4 people so I had to make sure that everybody was happy with our accommodation.We ended up at Cosmo City Hotel
A cute 3* hotel which was very close to the Gellert spa (across the bridge = 7min walk) and about a 10 to 15min walk to enter the centre.
For the people who’d rather take public transportation, no worries the metro station is near.

Hotel them color

The thing that caught my eye were the colors inside, the mail colors were purple and pink.
I mostly don’t like it when it’s too much but this hotel got away with it and it still had a clean look.
The reception was quite small but it had a lot of advertisement for day trips.
They were really friendly people.
The day before we checked out, they asked us if we already had a ride to the airport or if they could call us a taxi.
We actually totally forgot how we were going back so we let them, so we were sure we had a ride.

The Room

Our room was not that big but still cosy, and yes also here was a lot of purple but in a tight clean look that didn’t bother us.
We had 2 separate but comfy beds and a desk.
Now what was cool about our hotel is that they had a mobile phone that we could use.
It’s a simple ‘smart phone’ that has a GPS, free-calling and data in Budapest.
So now you can look things up without worrying if you’re going above your mobile data and stuff.
What a service is that?! Especially when you’re not from Europe this comes in handy!

The bathroom was simple white with a touch of purple for the sink and that’s it.
Really clean and with enough space so the balance of space and color was just enough and not too much.


We enjoyed breakfast on the main floor in a continental buffet style.
There was a bit of everything, muesli, eggs, meateries, cheese, yoghurt, fruit etc..
If we needed something we just had to ask.
The waiter who was in charge of the breakfast shift loved making small talks with the guests.
If I had one comment, than it was that the waiter also tried to sell some day-trips and asked us to it do via him so he could have the commission.
Normally it wouldn’t bother us because we understood that everybody would like to make an extra buck.

This accommodation is definitely price quality worthy.
A clean hotel with a nice continental breakfast, really close to the centre and friendly people.
And they do a little extra with that mobile phone which I think loads of people will appreciate.



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