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For our trip to Cebu, we decided to stay in Bai Hotel. It’s located in Mandaue City ( near Cebu City) and provides amazing facilities for its guests.
We decided to choose this accommodation because we’ve heard a lot of positive reviews about it. Whereas, it was so sumptuous that we are still longing to visit it once again.
The services and facilities of this hotel are very intriguing as well. It’s a comfortable accommodation, even for first time visitors. Moreover, we were very fascinated by the looks and décor of the Bai Hotel.
The rooms and lounges are very beautiful, even eye-catching if I might say. It turned out to be one of the best accommodations we have stayed in.
It’s a modern hotel with advanced facilities and helpful staffs who are always available for helping you out.

 Check In At Bai Hotel in Cebu

The things that impressed us the most was its security system.
Every vehicle is thoroughly checked before entering the hotel. Even the bottoms of the cars are checked by the use of a mirror. Moreover, the trunks are even checked as well.
There was a sense of relief after encountering this situation. We then realized that we are in a safe place in a foreign land.
In our itineraries, we always search for accommodations that are safe and sound, so that we don’t have to face unfortunate situations. However, after the first security check, we were very happy with our decision to stay in Bai Hotel.

Gradually, we headed towards the reception. The staff was very welcoming. They spoke good English and that was an advantage for us. They are very helpful at the same time. 

The Exclusive Room with Modern Facilities

The exclusive rooms of Bai Hotel are situated at the 18th to the 20th floor.
We received Mango candy dipped in Belgian Chocolate as a welcoming treat, that’s so lovely!
Our large bed even had the cutest elephant made out of towels, this was such a nice surprise for us.
The room was well furnished and had modern amenities. It had essentials like a work desk, a lounge, microwave oven, a mini bar, set of toiletries and a 55” TV.
Our room was spacious enough for the both of us, although it might be a small room for those who are accompanied by a child.

welcome baihotel

bath products 2 bath products

Dinner at the Japanese Restaurant

After taking a few hours of rest we then headed towards the Ume Japanese Cuisine for our dinner.
This restaurant provides the best authentic Japanese food. It opens at 12 in the noon till 2 at night. I loved the décor and the settings of the restaurant.

Sushi at bai hotel   sushi bai hotel

Ume Japanese Cuisine had a modern chic look to it. Moreover, it was located on the ground floor of the hotel.
We first thought we would go out but due to the rain we decided to stay in the hotel and try this restaurant.
The food was delicious and it was even sufficient for both of us. Sushi was my personal favorite among all the other things on the menu.
It was so yummy that I wanted to order another plate. Rather I chose to control my temptation and ended my meal with a drink.
There were other restaurants too. But we can surely try them out the next time we visit Bai Hotel.
The restaurants are so well maintained that any traveler would love to dine out there.

Chilling At the Lounge

Due to the bad weather we didn’t explore so much of Cebu city so we headed back to the hotel before dinner, towards the Twilight Roofdeck Lounge and bar.
The lounge is a modern outdoor terrace on the 23rd floor of the Bai Hotel. It’s so amazing and provides a 360 panoramic view of the skyline of Mandaue.
On top of that, it has an amazing pool. Yes, a rooftop pool with a view!

rooftop lounge

rooftop pool2

You can even witness the sunset if you visit the lounge at the correct time. But what attracted my sight was the colorful lighting and the wonderful atmosphere.
Cocktails, a pool and a beautiful view, what more can a girl ask for?

There is even a bar as well. We decided to chill. Later on, people were dancing and even enjoying the view as well.
If you plan on staying at Bai Hotel in Cebu than try to fix your dates during the full moon. As it will be the best time to chill beneath the sky with a full moon and a beautiful view of the Mandaue city.

highest lounge area

rooftop view

rooftop view of the rooftop pool

Amazing Breakfast

What can be more intriguing than an amazing morning meal? Yes, before leaving the Bai hotel we decided to have our breakfast in Café Bai.
This restaurant is located on the 2nd floor of the hotel. It caters buffet breakfast, lunch, and even dinner. On the other hand, it serves a variety of cuisines starting from Asian to western.

The food was satisfying and amazing at the same time. I love experimenting with different cuisines and Café Bai had fulfilled my desire. Moreover, I loved the chocolate fountain!
I’m a dessert lover myself and I loved the variety of desserts they have prepared for the guests.

Everything was so perfectly decorated and arranged.
Café Bai is a spacious restaurant, no kidding! It is surely an apt restaurant for travelers who are with their family.

In a nutshell

We were really satisfied with our whole experience.
We stayed in Bai Hotel for a day, but we enjoyed every moment.
Bai Hotel in Cebu is a wonderful accommodation with excellent service. We are completely satisfied with the facilities it has providedto  us and hope to visit it once more very soon.

If you are looking for a good place to stay in Cebu, you should surely check out Bai Hotel as we confidently recommend this to all the travelers.

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Contact info

Bai hotel

Adres: Ouano Ave. Cor. Seno Blvd, North Reclamation Area, Mandaue, 6014 Cebu City




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