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Amal beach hotel is located at Bentota beach and driving through the entrance has a nice and relax vibe.
Green palm trees surround the property so it looks like the hotel is hidden.

Welcome to Amal beach hotel

We were warmly welcomed with an umbrella and fresh king Coconuts, sadly it was raining when we checked in.
They lead us to our room and the staff carried our luggage because there was no elevator.

The room

We had such a large room with a double bed, there was also a mosquito net but they installed it in a romantic way.
We had a closet, a safe, a corner with a table and chairs and we even got a dresser.
There was also a coffee and tea service available and we had complementary water.
What is handy was the wall socket; it was universal so we could use our own normal cable, which is convenient.
We had a terrace with a view over the front garden, this was overarching.
And a good thing too because we had a rainy afternoon.

Bed at amal beach hotel room amal beach hotel

The bathroom

Also our bathroom was quite big with a large and modern shower.
And of course complementary toiletries, they even had a mosquito device available.
Super clean, with towel services and a decent hairdryer.
They use the eco label saying that it’s better to reuse the towels if you don’t feel like getting a new one every day.

bathroom amal beach hotel Amal beach hotel bathroom

The dining area

When we entered the dining area we saw that there was a fish stand outside.
This was for the restaurant, there is always daily fresh fish available and you can go and choose which one you like.
Behind it was a small fountain so I thought, but it actually was a basin for crab and lobsters.
And also with this you can choose your own crab or lobster if you wish.
Can’t get any fresher than this, and what I appreciated is that it’s pretty large and not too full.


There is the ground floor and l level up and on some nights you can sit in the open for some pizza.
Most people like to sit upstairs because there is an amazing view from the green palm trees with a train passing through.
Once in a while and ending the view with a beach and an epic sunset.

Family affair

We’ve been going from local buffets to another that it felt like it was time to dine in a proper restaurant and choosing my own fish with adapted white wine.
Not only did it look good, it tasted really well too!
Apparently, this is a family-run restaurant.
Afterwards we sat downstairs near the bar to have our self a good nightcap drink.
We ended up closing the bar like usually, well that means that we had a good time with the bartender, so thank you for entertaining us Mr Bartender.

For breakfast we sat on the ground floor and we had to choose from an a la carte menu.
Don’t worry if you like only parts of the menu, they don’t mind it when you ask them to replace it with something else.
We had some squirrels joining us for breakfast, there were other guests giving them some food and they were not ashamed to go and get it.
It was not a closed off room, so no worries about that.

The property

Amal beach hotel is a lot larger than I expected.
There is a private beach available but you have to cross the train tracks.
But no worries, there is a super intendant watching if it’s safe to cross over!
What a nice beach it was!
They decorated it with boats and flags but not too much, you could truly feel the Sri Lankan vibe.
There is also a beach bar, and you can order snacks here as well.
I wanted to go swimming but the waves were too wild for me to go any deeper (yeah I know I’m a scary cat).
I saw a body board and I asked from who that was, apparently, guests can use it to have some fun and I did!
There is always somebody nearby, so if creepy men would come and enjoy you, they tell them to leave the guests alone!

way to get to the beach


There is also a spa available, which I actually wanted to use but I did not have time enough.
From all kinds of different massages, to flower baths and they even had a manicure and pedicure.
They can even offer you an Ayurveda treatment under medical observation, but watch out because it can happen that the doctor will give the chef cook a prescription and that you’ll have to miss out on all that good food.
I honestly have to say that I don’t know if there was a pool available, I think there was one but I’m not sure.

amal beach hotel beach

In a nutshell

Amal beach hotel has lived up more than my expectations.
The property is being cared for to make sure everything looks clean and that all guests are happy.
Even non guest come here for the restaurant.
I’m actually surprised that they don’t have 4*.
The staff is super friendly, the food was amazing, and the beach is super clean.
Our room was more than okay.
This was actually one of our favourite accommodations through Sri Lanka.

Thank you for your hospitality.




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