Glamping: Glamping in Udawalawe, Gaga Bees 3*

Gaga bees Udawalawe

While in Udawalawe I decided that we needed to do something different at our accommodation.
So I surprised the guys with Glamping!

Outside Gaga Bees tent, glamping

Also, for me this was the first time to go glamping.
We drove more and more to a greener area.
The entrance was really nice and immediately the staff came.
We had a warm welcome with refreshing drinks and then we were led to our tent.

entrance gagabees

The room

We had such a spacious room, and we were sharing the tent with 3.
There was 1 double and 1 single bed, but they were soooo comfortable.
We even had air co in our tent, I guess you can say it was luxurious glamping.
Somehow it was really cosy, each bed had a mosquito curtain around it.
We had some sort of window and because of that we had a small breeze.
Don’t mind the mess, because I forgot to take pictures before.
Our tent also had a terrace which Maarten enjoyed in the morning, no neighbours, no sound of cars, ah lovely he said.

Gaga Bees udawalawe tent, glamping experience

Large bed glamping experience

Terrace of the experience Gaga Bees Udawalawe


I was kind of worried for the bathroom in our tent.
Like for bugs or maybe a little dirty but it was clean and the bathroom furniture was really nice.
We had a large shower, a toilet and a sink with a mirror.
Also here was a window, thank God, otherwise there was no ventilation and I don’t think you would want that in a tent.

Gaga bees udawalawe shower bathroom Gaga Bees bathroom, Glamping experience

Dining Area

There was nothing close by to eat but we wanted to dine here anyway, because breakfast and dinner were included in our price.
So when we wanted to order two beers and a lemonade they didn’t have that at the moment, there was only water and tea.
But the staff went to get some especially for us, without us knowing that.
Talk about service!
Oh and dinner was great btw.
Also breakfast was nice, it was a Sri Lankan breakfast but it was good.

Dining area Gaga Bees

The property

Let’s say, ‘the garden’ was pretty awesome too, it ends at a river bank.
You can get in the water if you like, locals do it as well.
There are lounge chairs and a hanging mock to chill, you’ll enjoy it because you can only hear the water of the river, wind through the forest and some animals talking.
So peaceful!!

Relaxing at Gaga Bees

It was one of those couple of times the 3 of us slept like a baby.
I totally don’t regret doing this, we all thought it was a unique experience going glamping in Sri Lanka.
The total experience here was magnificent, we would totally do it again if we could!

Thank you Gaga bees for the Glamping experience.





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