Bungalows Krstajic 3*, Zabljak

Welcome to our cabin in the hills.
This place was big enough for 4 pers and we were only a party of 2.


Getting here wasn’t to hard and it’s not that far from the centre of the village.
The only hard part was that we couldn’t find the reception, so we had to call somebody for the keys to our bungalow.

We had everything we needed in the bungalow.
A shower with toilet, a kitchen with some supplies, a living room with satellite tv and 2 bedrooms, even a pick nick table right in front of the door.
Everything looked sooo adorable.

DSC00411 DSC00412
But than the night fell and it started to get cold, so we tried to put on the heating but couldn’t get it to work.
Our host explained us which button is for what but it still didn’t work.
So we just took an extra blanket in the living room from the second bedroom.
But we weren’t so bothered with it.

So like my normal sleeping ritual I took my phone charger and searched for a plugin near the bed.
Well I found 2 and they didn’t work, I was disappointed because I like my phone fully charged the next day to keep you guys up-to-date on my social media.
The next day I tried again after I pushed some buttons but it still didn’t work.


Because we didn’t have breakfast included we decided to make our own.
We had a kitchen with supplies so why not.
We couldn’t get it to work (surprise surprise) by now I got a bit nervous and called our host.
It turned out that we didn’t have the right pots and pans, we had a ceramic plate, meaning that you must have specific pots and pans in order to make it work.

I think our host started to notice that we were annoyed because she was getting nervous too.
At one point hubs was taking a shower and yelled why is your underwear still here and not in the laundry bag?
I frowned and told him that I did that already and why he was asking me that.
It turned out that he found underwear from the former guest!
Of course we were disgusted I mean, I didn’t expect it to be perfect and we’re not easy to complain about our sleeping place.
But that’s just nasty.

This could have been such a nice place if they had payed more attention in their hygiene, pots and pans.
Because the price and location are really good and it just looks adorable on the outside.


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