Beauty:Cleansing Care by Nannic travel size

While I was in Sri Lanka I tested an anti-aging cleansing kit from Nannic.
Well, you can get it separately of course but this was a travel sized kit package, which is ideal for me.
The kit makes it easy to clean your skin step by step and to nourish it.
You’ll find the following products of Nannic.
  • Make up remover gel
  • Pure active cleanser
  • Pore treat lotion
  • Willow bark peeling mask

Nannic make up remover gel.

‘Protect your skin’s hydrolipidic film’
A sticky texture that transforms from a gel into milk when in contact with water.
Leaves the skin clean and freshened, there is a small brush inside to make sure you have all make up removed.
But I lost it during my travel going from 1 place to the other.
Typical for me that I read the back side too fast and just smeared it on my face and tried to wipe it with a cotton pad.
I thought what the heck is this, it wasn’t smooth or easy, it was sticky.
But as soon as I actually read the back side it made sense of course.

Nannic pure active cleanser.

‘soothing facial cleanser’
Respects the skin’s natural pH balance and removes excess oil.
This is also a mild anti-aging facial cleanser and also here you need to add a little water.
I use this after the make up remover so now my skin is completely clean and can breathe.

fyi, I like it that you only need to use a little bit because u still need to add water.
It’s like you have a bigger bottle with u.

Nannic pore treat lotion

‘prevents the formations of blackheads and hyperpigmentation’
Gentle lotion based on vitamin B5, helps control the skin’s moisture balance, purifies and tightens the pores.
Ok, now my skin feels so fresh, really clean and ready for the night.
This is the last step in the ritual, as you have treated your skin with lukewarm water, your pores are open and this tightens them again so no dirt reach the pores.
ps, you can use this in the morning too.

Nannic willow bark peeling mask

‘reduces free radicals deep skin sanitizer’
A mask I use 2 times a week only, a mild keratolytic skin peel.
Great to get rid of old skin and helps the growth of new cells.
The white willow bark calms, soothes the skins and reduces free radicals.
Apply a thin and even layer, than leave it for 15min and remove with lukewarm water.
Afterwards your skin feels really soft
I wrote them down in the order you should use it.
I’ve been testing them again recently and yes 3 products every night and 2 times a mask but hey I’m not getting younger.
Well I can really see the difference while it’s that time of the month, because it than where my skin breaks out.
While using this it really tempered my pores.
Also during this heat wave we are facing in Belgium, that can’t be good for my skin.
Make up that is melting, shiny forehead, ugh.
Now at least my face can breatheOh, I’m using these products in the evening, but you can use these in the morning too AND men can use them too.



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