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ritual by hammam

For some time my hair has been looking rather dull, not shiny as it used to be.
Not surprising, since I travel a lot and most of the locations I went are hot, tropical climates that really put a hefty effect on my hair.
After getting back home, I decided to find some intensive hair care products to repair my hair again.

Why Finding The Right Hair Product Is Tricky

Finding the right hair care products can be tricky as the description of the products can be not as exact as it can be.
I mean, lightly hydrates, does it mean it hydrates your hair lightly?
What more with so many ingredients that you can’t be sure if the stuff really works.
After some searching, I found a shampoo and conditioner from The Ritual Of Hammam and decided to try it out.

About The Ritual Of Hammam Shampoo And Conditioner

They both have organic argan oil and shikakai that works to deeply nourish, the hair and strengthen from the roots and deep cleansing the scalp.
Both ingredients have been used traditionally in hair care, so it’s proven to work today as well.
They are safe to use on a daily basis, safe for color-treated hair and free from sulfates, silicone, and parabens.

rituals shampoo

Reviewing The Ritual Of Hammam Shampoo And Conditioner

Trying out the products for the first time, it’s honestly indulgent.
The combination of argan oil mixed with rosemary and eucalyptus. I even set aside some me-time, making it a part of my self-care routine.
Not to mention that both products are affordable.
To me it’s kind of heaven-sent that it works to fix the hair while being so luxurious at the same time.


Okay, here’s the downside after using them.

After washing my hair I started to notice that my hair felt soft, silky, and shiny. (just how healthy hair should be). But after a few hours into the night, my hair started to get dry-ish and it felt like I had to wash it again the next day. Which to me is impractical while normally washing my hair about three times a week.

While using different methods such as leaving the conditioner longer than usual, the results remained the same.
A bit of a waste, as the results won’t last long for my normal and thick hair. So I wonder if this the right product for my hair.
May I say, you can’t beat the scent and the feel from using this shampoo and conditioner from The Ritual Of Hammam.

I firmly believe that there are other products in their collection that works just as mentioned that I might give it another try.
As for their shampoo and conditioner, I may use it for pampering purposes only.
Will also be looking for other intensive products that may be a true match for my hair issues.

You can buy The Ritual Of Hammam shampoo and conditioner right here.




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