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These days, there are lots of beauty brands that release startling beauty products every now and then and if I tell you about my personal choice, its products by Collistar, of course.
I’m a big fan of this Italian brand, as it’s different from the crowd. Basically, Collistar was founded in 1983 and it quickly attained the reputation of a famous skin care & beauty brand.
Let’s confess that we all want to look beautiful and to achieve this goal we make all possible efforts: ask others for beauty tips, try recommended beauty formulas,and use different skincare products available in the market. Right? Okay.

Here, in today’s blog post, I’ve brought you two trendiest and well-liked skincare products by Collistar that thoroughly pamper my skin and add charm to it. Just keep on reading to make out them:

Fresh Moisturizing Gelée Cream

I truly fall for this product from Collistar a revitalizing gel-cream that has quality of hydrating the skin for up to 72 hours. And if I talk about its shiny texture, it is infused with the brand’s select Idro-Attiva ® Complex and unique elements that steadily release moisture, making my skin feel soft and silky for longer.
At the outset, I found the gelee very wired because of its dry texture. But as I’ve a mixed skin tone, it suited me very well.
I would highly recommend this to all, as the natural extracts of peony & Néré fruit set off the radiant effect by protecting the skin’s natural youthfulness.
Consequently, the skin texture improves its glow, and you look better than ever.

Key Highlights of the Product

  • Texture: Gel-cream
  • It can fight with issues like aridity, sunstroke, wrinkles, etc.
  • You can use it two times a day (morning and evening).
  • This gel-cream is suitable for women of age 20 and above.
  • It’s apt for all skin types, including sensitive.
  • No oil is used in the product creation.

Application Instructions
Apply this moisturizing Gelée Cream to the clean & dry face and the entire neck area.
Massage with soft hands to allow skin suck up the cream completely.
*I only used it in the morning

Magico Melting Exfoliating Face Gel

A subtle gel-scrub that brings out the skin’s own brightness and splendour.
Here, the main components, which are elite Idro-Attiva ® Complex and Italian peony extract, improve hydrating & anti-oxidant qualities that significantly help rejuvenate the skin tone.
You’ll definitely love this product as it feels warm when you apply it on the face and the skin becomes bright afterwards. Moreover, there is also a light aroma that gives a feeling of both relaxation and pleasure.
The skin looks bright and shining, with a wholesome and sophisticated appearance.

Key Highlights of the Product:

  • The texture is in gel form.
  • It helps your skin fight with dryness, loss of glow and liveliness.
  • This gel-scrub should be used once or two times a week.
  • Women of age 20 and above can use this product.
  • It is apt for every skin type, together with sensitive skin.
  • The key benefits of the product are: skin purification, skin tone refining, increase in the levels of skin’s hydration, anti-oxidant benefits, and skin texture brightening.

Application Instructions
Apply this gel-scrub to your face as well as neck using gentle circular motions. Once done, you can wash thoroughly.

Have you tried these products by Collistar?

Hope, you would have liked this blog post and now you are well-aware of these two all the rage skin care products by collistar.
So, when are you getting them home to cheer up your facial beauty? And if you are already using these two products, how has been your experience with them?
Other readers and I would like to know your thoughts in the comment box.



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