Beauty: Skin Science Anti-Age eye serum by Kruidvat

Skin science eye serum by kruidvat

As far as I can remember, I had dark circles underneath my eyes. And with time fine lines also appeared at the end of my 20s.
You know when we laugh a lot, and squint eyes, these fine lines around they eyes looks terrible.
Usually, I am a bit skeptical just like with anti-wrinkle crème and stuff.

Instant effect eye serum

Kruidvat came up with their house brand eye serum from the “skin science” line within just 5euros.
This is a cheap and fast solution to reduce wrinkles under eyes as wel as dark circles and puffiness.
Kruidvat Skin Science instant Eye Effect serum not only reduces dark circles and puffiness immediately but also removes wrinkles around eyes.

Kruidvat serum results in 2 minutes

The active and concentrated formula in the serum gives instant results and results that last for 8 hours!
Yes, I’m so excited this works like a wonder.
The super effects are visible in my short video, which will reveal the effectiveness of the serum.
After using it just 2 days, you can see the visible results in the mirror.

The exciting fact about Skin Science by kruidvat

Kruidvat worked hard to reinvent its beauty brand without increasing their prices while still delivering the best quality.
Even the appearance is upgraded, it’s clean and bright. However in my opinion as long as they do the job, we don’t need a fancy look.

Eye serum tubes

What’s in the box?

This small box contains 5 pieces, and each tube can be used two times.

  • Ensures smooth and even skin up to 20%
  • Brightens dark circles up to 12%
  • Fades wrinkles up to 21%

To me, those numbers are reliable and realistic, and I think it’s safe to say that I do believe in it.

How to use the Eye serum

There are 2 ways you can use them.
You can use them for special occasions or use it as a cure for a weekly routine. Use it twice a day if you decide to use it as cure (morning and evening).
After using them 4 week in a row then it’s recommended to rest your skin for about 4 to 5 days.

Gently open the tube and squeeze about the size of a rice grain on you finger, then dab it softly underneath your eye.
Precaution: Please dab and do not rub under your eye.
I did that, and after 2min it looked like my skin was super dry and shredding skin. This made me restless.

Skin science instant effect

After effects of Skin Science Anti-Aging serum

When you apply this anti-aging serum, you feel the tightens of your skin.
It’s a weird feeling because you can feel the tightness of your skin changing.

After 2minutes you can apply your make up, as usual, you’ll notice that you don’t need so much make-up anymore under your eyes. And that’s why I’m fond of this product!





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