Beauty: My Review on ‘Comfort Zone’ Cleanser and Toner

comfort zone cleanser kit

Looking for a new cleanser and toner that will make your skin healthy and glowing again?
If yes, than keep on reading my review to know more about it.
While visiting multiple drugstores and cosmetic stores I have been looking for a cleanser and toner.
One day I had the chance to test the ‘Comfort Zone’ cleansing test kit which includes a cleanser and a toner.
I hesitated to use it because I’ve never heard about the brand Comfort Zone either have any of my friends.
But I still wanted to give it a try.

Test kit Comfort zone cleanser and toner

When I received the test kit, I wasn’t really ready to use it as my skin is mixed.
I don’t like oily products on my face because they make my skin shiny and oily.
The Comfort Zone cleanser has to be applied on dry skin, so I postponed the idea to try it.
One night, I made up my mind because it was on my cupboard.
Usually I wash and clean my face before going to bed because it’s the best time to try out the products.
The skin regenerates itself while we are sleeping.
It is always important to remove impurities, bacteria and dust from your face so your skin is clean while it recovers.


I took a small amount of it in my hand and applied it directly on my skin and massaged with circular movements.
After massaging my face for 3 minutes, I washed my face with lukewarm water and I was shocked to touch my skin.
It felt quite smooth and looked very clean as if I just had a facial. To my surprise it didn’t feel oily at all and my skin felt really nice.


After cleansing my skin, I applied the toner as it was included in the test kit.
I had to apply the toner with the help of a cotton pad as I had a tester, but you will get a spray when you buy it.
A remarkable effect on my skin due to the toner, it felt clean and mat.
The Comfort Zone’s toner will give your skin relief, re-hydrate and protect it against the harmful sun rays also.
The test kit was enough to tell me that the product is really great and I am loving it.

If your skin is dry, sensitive or breaks out easily then this product is specially for you.
It is completely fragrance free, silicone free and is made of 97%-98% natural organic ingredients.
The test kit had great amount to try it and you can use it for a good week.
The quantity is great to tell whether it suits your skin or not.
I recommend Comfort Zone’s cream to oil cleanser and toner and I am sure you will love it for sure also.
You really need to try out this product because it is for all skin types and your skin will thank you.



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