Beauty: Marc Inbane Perle de Soleil, tanning technology

Summer is over and how does that quote go?
‘The tans will fade but the memories will last forever’
But what if I could keep my tan a little longer without hurting my skin?

Well the creators of Marc Ibane understand that a solarium is a big no no, but still people love having that ‘just came back from vacay look’, that warm glow.

I’m kinda lazy

And some people don’t like a self-tanning spray or cream that they can use at home, yep including me.
First of all I’m pretty lazy of putting my body lotion and yes even my day crème.
And to think about the mess I would make in my bathroom or maybe even stripes on my legs, LOL!

For who is Perle de soleil 

Well I can tell you that the creators of Marc Ibane came up with a clean and useful solution for having a healthy looking glow.
They came up with perle de soleil, this product holds a 4 fold tanning technology.
  • The formula with DHA (Bronzer), erythrulose, dimethyl isosorbide and caramel offers an unparalleled tan complexion that cannot be distinguished from a real summer tan.
  • Drops can be combined with all day creams, skincare and sunscreen creams, making the product very user-friendly.
  • The first tanning drops with an airless drop system.
  • A formula with natural ingredients is suitable for all skin types.

Yes you read it right, drops.

The tanning drops allows you to stick to your daily routine, just add a couple of drops in your day crème, blend it together and that’s it.
So if you have specific skin products the perle soleil won’t effect those ingredients.

How to with day crème.

Start with cleansing your skin or in my case my face.
Take the amount of day crème you use in the palm of your hand and add drops.
I started with 2 drops because I was a bit scared that I would end up looking like a carrot or something.

I didn’t see the difference so good, so the next day I added a drop more.
And now I could see it, I don’t like it to be that obvious, like one day on the other to be that brown
But of course if you like it to be more intense just add another drop the next time.
If you have your desired intensity than you’ll only have to use it every 2 to 3 days.
The same goes for your body lotion.

My opinion

What I love about this product is how clean it works.
Remember it says it works with an airless drop system, well let me explain that.

The look is clean and tight just like the image of Marc Ibane.
It more or less looks like a clicking pen, a falcon that is air tight, ideal because they don’t use preservatives.
Due it works like a clicking pen and it has a user friendly dosing system so you’re not going to waste anything!


The only thing that I’m not that found off was that you can still smell the bronzer, it has a specific scent that I don’t like so much.
But besides that I love that it doesn’t effect my daily routine, my products and my bathroom pastedGraphic.png lol.

PS, my vegan friends will love this!
It’s not tested on animals, it has been dermatologically tested and is vegan friendly.



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