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Rimmel has been my best friend the last couple of months.
I’ve been using it as a base for the rest of my make-up.

These are my ‘everyday’ use make up from Rimmel.

  • Primer ‘Fix & Perfect’
  • Foundation ‘Match Perfection’
  • Illuminate ‘match perfection’
  • Insta Duo Contour stick dark
  • Insta fix matte effect
  • Scandaleyes WOW Wings.


So first things first, start with a clean face and a good hydration crème.
I always wait at least a minute before applying my make-up so the day crème can do its thing.

Primer ‘Fix & Perfect’

Let’s start with what’s written on the tube:

Skin perfecting formula 5-1 results, smoothens, resurfaces, brightens, mattifies and protects.
Prolongs foundation wear.

I only apply it on my T-zone, fore head, nose and my chin.
Those are the places where my skin are the richest.
I like this product because it narrows my pores and it mattifies.
The texture is thick and creamy but once rubbed out it’s very light, just don’t use too much.

Rimmel Primer

Foundation ‘Match Perfection’

What the bottle says:

Invisible foundation for a perfect and healthy-looking skin

  • Weightless, smooth texture that mixes with your skin color
  • 24H moisture complex, for a hydrated feeling
  • Reduces imperfections and masks coarse pores and dark circles.

True nude 303 Rimmel

It is a user friendly bottle with a pump, so the chance to use too much is slimmer.
I’m using ‘303 True Nude’ but for the time of the year (February) it’s a bit too dark.
But I’ve been using these Rimmel products until January as a base every day!
I thought it would be to heavy and too much on top but actually it’s not that bad!
It covers up really well and it’s not that heavy at all, you just have to smear it out really good.
It gives me clear skin with a natural colour.

Illuminate match perfection

What does the tube say:

Skint tone adapting, concealer.

I’m using 020 soft Ivory, I know it looks really light but I like it like that.
I’m comfortable with the lighter colour because when I use a tone darker it still looks like I have bags under my eyes.
You need to squeeze the tube and it comes through the brush.
I use this under my eyes, in the middle of my nose and between my eye brows (sometimes on the corner of my lips).
Like that I have a more ‘awake’ effect and a slimmer nose.

soft ivory

Insta duo contour stick dark

I was not a fan at first because I thought it was to obvious but then I learned to blend, LOL.
Now it’s one of my contouring products.

What’s written
Contour and highlight your cheekbones, nose and cupid bow.
Tips and hacks on
(That’s really handy for someone like me!)

I follow my hairline next to my ears to my cheekbones and ‘draw’ a line.
At this point I look like somebody from a tribe or ready for war, LOL.
Here is where I used to get frustrated, now u need to blend.
I use a sponge for that, and I dap it but not to rough.
Then I turn my stick around and use the highlighter above my cheekbones, a bit on my nose and sometimes near my eye brows.

duo stick dark

Rimmel ‘Insta fix & matte’

To finish my make up (this is only a base but after a full look also) I apply insta fix match matte.
I have a mixed skin tone so I was hoping that this would help a lot against a shiny face.

What does the back cover say:

It’s a translucent powder for all skin tones.
It can be used to set foundation, make it transfer proof as a finishing step and also for quick touch ups during the day.

Insta fix & matte

It feels really soft and truly mattifies and blurs out my pores.
I use it for my T-zone and I bring this along when I’m out to touch up.
By touch up, I mean to clear my shinny skin.
You do have to dap a couple of times because the brush doesn’t take it so good and I tried several brushes to make sure.
But for the rest this is an excellent product for the price.

Scandaleyes WOW Wings.

In the video below I finish my look with mascara.

This mascara has a double side to get a voluminized look that should never have clots.
To be honest I don’t use this one often because for me, it’s too wet.
So when you apply it it feels too thick and because of that I want to touch up but than it actually gets thick.
But that’ how I feel about it, there may be some who like that look and do not have a problem with it of course.

Scandaleyes WOW Wings.

Over the years Rimmel has improved their products, which is amazing because Rimmel is an affordable brand to buy.
Especially if you are somebody like me and almost never come out of the house without make up, but still want a ‘natural’ look.
And it’s also accessible in almost any drugstore.
I’m curious what else they have in store!




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