Beach time at Budva

After a weekend up north it was time for our last stop, Budva here we come, yes beach time again!


Our hotel was a 5 min drive from Budva centre and only 2 min from the famous beach, Jaz beach.
This is one of the longer beaches in Montenegro and ‘softer’ beach, it’s not sand but also not those enjoying small pebbles stones.
Besides the typical stuff like Jet Ski and peddle boarding, you can come camping here too.
Loads of place here and actually not too noisy.
Only once a year there’s a big festival with big names, sea festival.
Sadly it was exact a month later when the festival took place or we probably would’ve joined the party.

Island Hawaii
Of course we had to discover the beach in the center aswell!
To be honest we were a bit disappointed.
It was a typical beach, crowded with beach bars and restaurants, A nice boulevard with small shops and in the evening bars.
This wasn’t really our scene, luckily there is a small island where you can hop on to.
Only a 10 min boat ride to Hawaii Island.
Here you can relax quiet or near a small bar that’s up to you.
There are still buildings so I think in a couple of years the Island will be booming with people.
But it’s much nicer for us at the moment
The last boat is around 6pm so plenty of time to enjoy this small island.
DSC00371 DSC00377

Sveti Stefan
On the other side of Budva you can find the famous Island Sveti stefan.
You can’t just enter the island anymore because now the Island is purposed as a huge luxury resort.
Big names come here to have their vacay and I can’t blame them!
But a room for a night is about 800 euro, depends of the season and what room you’ll have of course.
Even near the ‘bridge’ where there is a beautiful beach it is a 100 euro to sit the whole day.
There are security walking around and cameras.
Pretty exclusive and that’s only the public side.
DSC00539                    DSC00540

Blue cave, Plava Spilja.
I saw somewhere that there is a blue cave not so far.
Only 30 min from pretty much every bigger city like Budva, Kotor and Tivat.
It supposed to be like the little brother of the blue cave in Italy, Grotto Azzurra.
You can go there from almost every port, some even come over from Croatia.
Or you can go there just like us by car to Lustica beach.
I’m telling you, it’s such a beautiful beach and so dreamy!
Other boats stop here to relax for couple of hours, but back to the blue cave.I’m so glad that we did this!
Because when the sun reflects in the water it becomes clear blue, so pretty.
Sadly you can only swim here for 30 min because of the small cave and other people wanting to see this, but this was special for me!
 DSC00491                   DSC00494

Budva old town
The old town is really cosy to walk through, typical small narrow streets.
The food here is great and I love the wine bars here!
There is an old Castle that’s now a museum, restaurant and a viewpoint.
I think you can rent it for weddings, That would be so dreamy just because of the view alone!
On one side you can see the sea and Hawai Island and on the other side you can see the old town Budva.
DSC00467          DSC00483          DSC00480

Budva has been amazing!
Whole Montenegro has been Amazing, So much culture and nice people.
I didn’t feel unsafe at all during our stay, even driving here wasn’t too hard.

We will definitely come back, flying here was only 2 hours and it isn’t an expensive country.

 Winter or summer you can always find something to do here!




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