Travel: Famous beach in Budva old town, Montenegro

Budva Beach

Budva Old Town, Montenegro

Budva’s Old Town is a really pretty place to visit. It has narrow, winding streets, and old stone buildings with red-tiled roofs. We loved exploring this city, taking in the beautiful sea views and trying out the many quaint wine bars. The restaurants were also really good here. A mixture of traditional Montenegrin food, seafood bistros, and international cuisine.

Our two favourite things to do in Budva, aside from trying out the wine bars, were walking on the city walls and visiting the Citadela. The city walls offer an amazing view over the sea and the streets of the Old Town below. It is crazy to think that hundreds of years ago, soldiers would stand there, looking out to see to watch for threats. The Citadela is an old castle which has been converted into a museum and art gallery, complete with a restaurant and viewpoint. It can be rented for weddings. Imagine the dreamy view of the Adriatic behind you and the red-tiled roofs of the old town in front of you.

View old town Budva

Views old town Budva view old town budva

Jaz Beach, Budva

We stayed at the Hotel Aruba, which is a five-minute drive from Budva centre and two minutes away from Jaz beach. Jaz beach is Budva’s famous beach as it is one of the longest beaches in Montenegro. It’s a pebbly beach, but the pebbles are only small, so it’s quite soft compared to most of Montenegro’s beaches. Part of the beach is a nudist beach.

There are a lot of activities for visitors to do on Jaz Beach, jet skiing, paddle boarding, and even camping. Even though it is a popular beach, it wasn’t too noisy. Once a year, at the end of August, they hold a Sea Dance Festival which is an international music festival with some really big names. Sadly, we were there a month too early otherwise we would have loved to join the party!

Beach Greco right next to Budva old town

It is a typical beach with a boulevard and plenty of beach bars, restaurants, and shops. In the evening, bars would open up so you could relax with a drink and look over the water. When we were here, there was a little bit of construction, We were a little disappointed by beach Greco, it was a nice place, but it wasn’t really our scene.

Hawaii Beach, Budva Riviera

We wanted to explore another beach while we were in Budva, so we headed to Hawaii Beach, which is a mixture of sand and pebbles. Hawaii Beach is located on St Nicholas Island, and it is about ten minutes away by boat. The last boat back is 6 pm, so make sure you don’t miss it! We loved Hawaii Beach so much! It was much quieter than Budva Beach and felt like a peaceful haven in comparison. The beach is 800m long and there are plenty of quieter coves and bays to relax in. There is also a restaurants and a café so you can spend a day on Hawaii island relaxing on the beach, exploring the woodland, and grabbing a bite to eat.

Island hopping to beaches in Montenegro

Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan is a famous island near Budva. Now, it is a luxury resort, so only guests can visit the island. A lot of famous celebrities stay here, so security is extremely important. There are cameras and security guards to maintain the island’s exclusivity. Depending on the season, rooms in Sveti Stefan start at 800 euros per night for a standard room. There is a beach nearby the bridge that links Sveti Stefan to the mainland, and a chair on the beach is 100 euros per day!


Sveti stefan beach    Famous beach in Budva

Final Thoughts On Budva

There was a lot going on in Budva, but it wasn’t our scene. The beach bars were too close together, and it made it feel very crowded. At night, the boulevard became a party street and it was difficult to go for a quiet drink. If you like peaceful beaches, I would recommend going further out of the city and finding a small local beach. There are signs on each of the beaches telling you if you can swim there. Most beaches will have at least one bar so you can grab a drink.

We really enjoyed the history and ambience of Budva Old Town, it felt like stepping back in time. It is a city that is a delight to get lost in (and easy enough to do when all the streets look the same!) just taking in local life and following your nose to a restaurant when you get hungry. Overall, we’re glad we visited Budva and got to explore and learn all about the history, but it was a little more lively than we were expecting. If you like a lively nightlife as well and some history, then Budva is a perfect choice!





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