B&B: Selyna Sky Terrace, Sri Lanka, a B&B with a view

Selyna Sky Terrace

We did our first B&B in Kandy and it was so lovely!

Near the city of Kandy but still a quiet place.
Okay, we have to admit that our driver couldn’t find the B&B at first.
We passed it a couple of times because the road signs weren’t that visible, but we found it eventually.
It is so close to the centre but it was still so quiet and calm up here, we hoped it would be like this.

Front view B&B

What a lovely place to stay in Kandy.
We had 2 rooms with each our own bathroom.


Our bathroom was clean and nicely decorated, only there wasn’t a ventilation system.
So we left our door half open when taking a shower or else it felt like being in a sauna.
But for me the most important thing was that it was clean.

Bathroom Sink Toillet

The room

Our room was simple, clean but cosy.
There was 1 large lounge to sit on and a ventilator.
I must say that our room never felt too hot, which is a good thing of course.
We only had 1 window but there was no view.
There was a mosquito net and some nice decoration.

Room B&B Selyna Sky terrace

Although the room was kind of small, our ‘breakfast’ dining place made it up.
We always had breakfast at the terrace with an amazing view over Kandy!
Our host asked us if we preferred a typical Lankan breakfast or a European breakfast.
Which was freshly made in the morning.

Our Hosts

Our hosts were a real friendly couple who enjoyed their B&B.
They even have plans to expand with extra rooms.
Our host even told us about Kandy and what you can do here.
It’s because of her that we did the Monkey Forest, their English is really good.

Terrace at B&B Selyna Sky Terrace
We were the only ones at that time, so in the evening we enjoyed the terrace by ourselves and had some drinks while enjoying the view.
It was so quiet that we could hear something in the garden.
But every time we tried to look for it, it was silent again.

So we made it our mission to find it, and we did!
There was a porky pine in the garden, normally they don’t come out if there are people.

If I could add 1 thing to our room than it would be a refrigerator for our drinks.
That’s the only thing that I was missing here due to the heat.
But we could easily come back here, it was value for the money and correct.




Amazing view over Kandy

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