Back to basic with Rimmel London.

I had the chance to test basics that I use on a daily base.
A foundation, eye liner and a mascara

Lasting finish 25hr breathable (300sand)
This is a medium coverage foundation that you can easily apply with a sponge that’s inside the bottle.
Although I recommend to smear it evenly with a brush or sponge that you usually use.
After a hectic day having cold and warm and going around places, it still looked good and it kept feeling good.
It didn’t feel ily like most do after half a day (so you need a touch up).
I’ll tell you a secret, I like this beter than the foundation I used from Lancôme Miracle Cushion and it’s a lot cheaper too.
You can get this for 14 euro’s
Wonder’fully real.
What makes this a different mascara than others with the same price?
It’s with Keratin also known to make your hair stronger due to the protein.
The brush is kind of rough and stands a little further apart.
I like it because my eyelashes don’t stick together, keeps them separated and gives it a nice curl.
And also after a long day they don’t get grainy black spots underneath my eyes.
So thumbs up.
And a nice price, less than 10 euro’s.
Wonder wing.
Most important for me is that it doesn’t get my eyes oily meaning it doesn’t fade away after half a day, so that’s plus.
Now to apply it, the product name says it all and if you see the pic you’ll get the hint.
With the thin part you can just draw the line and then you can ‘stamp’ to get the wing.
This cat eye wing stamp should help but kinda looks weird on me or maybe I just need some practice, lol
But for the rest, great results and a soft pen to apply
In shops for less than 8 euro’s

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