Antwerp story Continues

I will continue with bragging about my beautiful city Antwerp because that is why you are all here, right?


As mentioned in my previous post, I wasn’t finished with introducing Antwerp to you. To be more precise, I still want to cover 3 other districts with you guys.

T eilandje
Here, you will find most people hanging out during summer. Why? Well because we have some nice pop-up beach bars (which also turn into winter bars when summer ends). Moreover, you can find the oldest port of Antwerp here.
Maybe, I should mention that the main port activities these days are located on the northern side of Antwerp.
Nonetheless, there is still some cool stuff to check out!
For example, MAS museum. If you go to the roof, you will find a great 360° panoramic view of Antwerp, yes right on top of the restaurant I was telling you about.
What’s even better, if you are not into museums, you don’t have to pay an entrance fee to go all the way to the top of MAS. The great view I am talking about is for free!
Around MAS, you have plenty of nice bars and restaurants to have a drink or dinner. Currently, they are still busy upgrading this area. But I promise you, it is already worth your time!

DSC00827 (1).jpg

Old town
Going back to the shopping district, you’ll find our lovely old town. Here you’ll find our famous Cathedral ‘our lady’ wich it the tallest in Belgium. The architectural style of the Cathedral is gothic. You will see the typical characteristics such as flying buttresses etc. The old town is really cozy. During winter holiday the Christmas market makes it extra special and gives it a magical feel. But even during the summer all bars and terraces are full and it is a nice place for a stroll, drinks, and dinner. (Yes we Belgians love our food)
Additionally, most official holidays are celebrated here because our town hall is located here too.
However, I usually go a little further and take some local beers near the Schelde, It is beautiful to enjoy and watch the sunset.
And it goes without saying that we have a song about “de Schelde”.
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that you should try to visit a typical ‘brown cafe’ and get an Antwerp brewed beer! You will not be disappointed. 🙂


The last district I want to talk about is South Antwerp
The south of Antwerp used to be the place to be in Antwerp. I should phrase it differently, it still is the place to be but now with ‘t eilandje booming you can call it equal. According to me, it is more of an art district. You will find several museums and small art galleries. In the past, this district was called “Little Paris”. When walking around, you will notice a lot of nice old high mansions. If you go there during summer, you will find a typical Antwerp concert called ‘Antwerpen zingt’ where many locals of Antwerp gather and sing all kind Flemish song, of course, preferable in our dialect.


To end my story I’ll tell you my top 10 must see/do in Antwerp.

1, train station: I adore how they old architecture mixes with the new.
2, the zoo: check our little jungle surrounded by concrete (by visiting you’ll help future animals)
3, Meir: go shopping here! I’ll love it more than a typical shopping mall plus you can get to enjoy a little architecture along the way.
4, make sure to eat BELGIAN fries 🙂 but I would tell you that anyway if you’re ever in Belgium.
5, Visit MAS Museum and get a terrific view!
6, Go beer tasting at the Coninck factories
7, after shopping you should check out ‘den botanic’ to get a little nature, you won’t find          more herbs in Antwerp than here + it’s for free
8, enjoy a beautiful sunset near the Schelde (preferably with a nice beer 🙂 )
9, Taste our “Antwerpse Handjes” those are adorable looking cookies shaped as a hand. It has something to do with our legend.
10,  Have some nice chocolate brownies in Quetzal or enjoy a nice chocolate milk!

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