About Me

Who Am I

People Know me as Deborah,  a 28 year old blogger from the city of Lier, Belgium.
My origin lies in the Philippines and Belgium.

I work full time as a shopmanager for a phone provider and my passions are fitness, fashion and traveling.
On my free days, when I’m not traveling,  you can find me in the gym or city.

I’m trying to explore the world with the love of my life and share those experiences with you.
Like really cool hotspots, must visits and how did we do it (a place to stay, road trip, bike, hiking etc..)
Traveling is not only booking a flight and a place to stay.

Depending on the kind of trip you’re making, you can select the necessary product.   
Luckily I’m a girl so I love to test them out and inform you about them, and while I’m at it I’ll be checking out some make up too.
That’s what we like to do, right?

I’m hoping to inspire you with my travel diaries on how to enjoy all the beauty our world has to offer and most importantly to have fun with it!

If you’d like to collab or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!






Love Deborah