About Wanderlust Tourist

Wanderlust Tourist, Who are we?

Hi, I’m Deborah and I’m the founder of Wanderlust Tourist.
I’ve Always wanted to travel a lot but I didn’t really had the courage until I’ve met Maarten.
A whole new world opened up for me! I’m the story teller of the blog and you’ll see me the most in our Wanderlust Tourist story.
I love luxery holidays on the beach but I’m not afraid of a little adventure!
Apart from traveling I enjoy sharing new things about beauty and lifestyle.
On my personal instagram @deboleysen you’ll find more updates on my daily adventures
Deborah, Founder of Wanderlust Tourist





Hello! I’m Maarten and I’m the (travel) partner of Deborah. Just like Deborah I have a great passion for traveling, far a way or close by, that doesn’t really mater. I’m more the ‘behind the scene’ kind of guy, I usually plan and gather the info we share with you on the blog. I’m more for adventurous/sportive travels buy I wouldn’t say no to a nice and relaxed vacation. On my instagram @maartenbartels you’ll find my adventures while traveling.
Maarten, Partner of Deborah from Wanderlust Tourist