Visit Mechelen

Staying at home during summer sounds boring doesn’t it?
Well it’s not because I went on day trips in my country and I’m actually surprised with how many charming cities we have.
visit mechelen

For instance Mechelen.
I got invited to explore Mechelen, I know Mechelen and it’s actually 20 min from where I live but I never really visited the place, only if I have an appointment for work SHAME ON ME I know.
So this time I took a day to see Mechelen as I would go on a city trip somewhere else.
You can easily reach the city by car, busses and trains.
I went by car and brought one of my closest friends with me, Sheila aka fashion blogger fashionvitaminesantwerp.
She taught me how to be a blogger and helped me through the years how to manage me with social media, so it’s only fair that I took her with me for the day as a sort of thank you.
We started the day with lunch in 1 of the recommended places that VisitMechelen provided us.
After lunch we were full with energy and decided to put in good use and climb the ‘ Sint- Romboutstoren’.
The tower counts 538 steps and ends up with an amazing sky walk, you can see Mechelen 360° and even further.
Along the way you can take a rest while enjoying some history.
DSC00944 IMG_20170807_194849_507 DSC00951 DSC00945.jpg
After that we treated our selfs with some apple pie at the grand market.
Most events take place at the Grand Market  and is only a 3 min walk from the Sint-Romboutstoren.
Starting from here you can go shopping at the shopping street Bruul.
That’s a cosy street that doesn’t allow cars during opening times.
If you walk it through, you’ll end up at the train station, that’s pretty convenient don’t you think?
Half way the shopping street you’ll find a small park called ‘Kruidentuin’ or in English ‘herb garden’
This is a small park where loads of people use to have a pick nick during a work break.
They recently did restorations in the park so the park looks really cosy, especially around spring.
And just over the bridge you have a floating path called ‘dijlepad’ on the path you can see Mechelen in a different perspective, like the backside of some old houses.
You should also try to find the street art around Mechelen some of them are so insta worthy.
IMG_20170812_161515_942DSC00928 DSC00927DSC00962
After some shopping and a nice walk we deserved some food, and what better to end a lovely day with some BELGIAN fries, yes I’m going to keep saying that because it’s Belgian and not french, LOL.
I recommend to get some fries at ‘Frituur Korenmarkt’, these little cabins are starting to get rare in Belgium.
Mechelen is definitely worth a visit, it’s not for nothing they call it Europe’s hidden gem.
Good food, a cosy shopping street, fine street art and much more.

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