Wunder2, WunderBrow gel brow

Perfect brows, do you have them? I don’t and I need help.
I’m that person that does her own brows because she’s afraid that somebody will ruin it, LOL!


Seriously though, I am kind of scared to experiment with them because once it goes wrong, you have to wait till it grows back and reshape them, what a nightmare.


But like every girl I CAREFULLY try some new stuff.
And sometimes things work out.
I had the chance to test wunderbrow wunder2
A brow gel that thickens and defines up till 3 days

So how does it work?
Apply it gently, not too much and brush it out until you have the desired effect, let it dry a bit and tadaa that’s it.
The best part is that it says it’s smudge proof, transfer proof and water proof for 3 days.


But was it?
I had the perfect opportunity to test all the proof parts in Budapest.
We went on a citytrip in Budapest last November and had a spa day.
So I was a bit nervous to look like an idiot if it didn’t come trough!
But I have to say, it passed the smudge, transfer and waterproof test.
I was kind of nervous for the last part, can you imagine me having brown water drops rolling down my face.
I love this product because it’s a great alternative and not too bold for someone like me.
Don’t get me wrong I would love to try different things but let’s try things step by step.

You can get this for less than 30 €



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