Ironing trick, Tada

I hate it when I open up my luggage and see that my clothes are all wrinkled!
Even with all the tricks of the book like rolling them up etc, it just doesn’t work for me.


While I was grocery shopping I stumbled upon a product by accident.
I was looking for laundry products (I enjoy strolling in any shop) and saw something about ironing and wrinkles.
I hate (really hate) Ironing! So I was interesting.

The name is kinda funny!

Tada makes ironing unnecessary and freshens up your clothes(ex. Long flights), so they say.
But hey I’m willing to give it a try if I can avoid it than yes pls!


This is how it works
1. Spray evenly on your clothing.
2. Wait 10 sec for the fibers to open up, now gently pull so the wrinkles disappear..
3. Let it dry


I used it during our trip in Montenegro.
This was super handy!

I also used it at home.
Okay, you can’t use it for everything like a blouse because it’s not the same feel.
but otherwise I use it daily, seriously a life (time) saver!



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