Relaxing in Montenegro, Tivat, Kotor

After our big adventure in Costa Rica we wanted to take it easy for our next trip.
So we chose Montenegro as our ‘relax’ vacation.


Montenegro has so many things to offer and has some amazing hidden pearls!
We decided to go around a bit, our 3 places to stay were: Tivat, Zabljak and Budva.
At first I thought I was going to compare it with Croatia, but still, I was open minded.
We landed in Tivat (which was really cool because you land real close to the sea, beautiful) and it was only 10 min from our first stay, right in the beginning of the Bay of Kotor.

Tivat (Porto Montenegro)
Our first impressions were amazing, I didn’t expected to be this ‘fancy’.
I didn’t know how far Montenegro has become in investing in their country.
Tivat has upgraded their port and is called now Porto Montenegro, and it’s stunning!
Surrounded by yachts, high class stores and lounge bars this place makes you feel like princes.
Driving every day to our hotel was always a pretty site!

DSC00359 DSC00355

Lovcen national park mausoleum & Kotor old town
One of our first sightseeing destination was Lovcen National park where you can find the Mausoleum.
The Mausoleum is the biggest and most important monument of Njegos, Prins-Bisshop of Montenegro, he wanted to be buried in a chapel he build himself.
The 461 steps going up were totally worth it!
Check out this view!

DSC00238  DSC00259 DSC00252 DSC00267

Because going to the national park was only a 1 hour drive, we still had plenty of time to relax at the beach.
Afterwards we went to Kotor, only 20 min from Tivat, behind a mountain you will find Kotor old town.
The old village is surrounded by a fort, that now is commercialised with shops and restaurants.
You can still visit the castle of san Giovanni up the hill, there you will have an amazing view of Kotor and part of the bay as well!
We loved coming here, even at the end of our holiday we spend our last evening here because we found it so cosy!

DSC00272 DSC00275

Perast & Manastir Ostrog
10 min from Kotor you’ll find Perast, what’s special about this place is that there are 2 mini islands, one of them is artificial and only one in the Adriatic sea, each of them has an adorable chapel.
You can take small taxi boat to the islands to visit them.
We didn’t do that but we just enjoyed the view while having a coffee.

DSC00293 (1)

Our next stay was up north in Zabeljak, on our way we stopped to visit the amazing Monastir.
Ostrog Monastir is an Orthodox church and is built in a rock up high.
It’s the most visited place in the Balkan by Orthodox Catholics and Muslims.
Every year is a pilgrim walk whole the way up.
I have to be honest, I expected a bit more.
The church had a que of more than 30 min and it turned out to be pretty small and really crowed.
For every room there was a 2 min wait to get in.
We’ve met some people who told us that we should have done this 3 years ago when it wasn’t so commercialised yet.

DSC00397 DSC00409 DSC00401

Up till now I’m loving what we’re seeing!
I’m happily surprised with Tivat and Kotor, I’ve expected it to be like Croatia somehow.
But it’s different and I’m happy about that!



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