AO Hostel/hotel 3* friedrichshain, Berlin

For the first time we tried a hotel/hostel concept.
Not that I don’t like hostels but we’ve never really thought of it out of habit.


The hostel is only 10 min from the train station and there’s a clear sign so you can’t miss it.
You enter via a large parking lot and across it is another building where the reception is, even behind that is a small court where you can play some sports.
The street side is the hotel and the back side is the hostel.


The people of the reception were really friendly and down to earth, we appreciated that.
We had breakfast included so we’ve gotten 2 ‘coins’ for breakfast.
He explained us how it worked and where the breakfast area was.
He also explained a bit where we are and what transportation we could take.

We had 2 separated beds next to each other in a nice, clean and light room.
It’s simple but still with enough space to put your luggage.
The bathroom was just big enough and clean with complimentary products!
Alright! That’s what I expect from a 3* hotel even if it was a hostel 😉

Facetune-2017091419654367 20170430_162047

Breakfast was down below in another block.
You had to put your coin and that’s it.
A delicious continental breakfast, it was self-service by that I mean that you had to clean your own table and wipe it with a wet towel, there was a clear sign.

20170502_090700 20170501_091637

I was surprised how big this place was!
Like I mentioned before at the back you still had a space to play sports.

There was also a ‘bar/ relax’ room with a foosball table.

So this hotel is far by boring!
Thumbs up!!


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