We finally had the chance to visit Berlin!

I always wanted to go to Berlin but somehow it never happened.
And it was finally happening, on top of that we were doing something different than usual.
We did a bike tour as well!

From the airport to our hotel was a 45 min ride by a train.
We had a Visit Berlin card for 72H, we had the 1 that incl. train rides, metro and discounts on a lot of stuff like museums, bike tours and even some restaurants!
If you pay attention to the map you’ll see that it’s not hard to take the public transportation

Our stay was 10 min from the east side of Berlin where you can take a metro to the centre, you could say it was more an alternative side but really cosy.
You can also say that there were a lot of students as well.
We had the feeling it was a bit cheaper to eat and drink than the centre of Berlin.
What we immediately noticed were a lot of wall paintings, some fun and some more with emotional meaning, beautiful though!

20170430_171916 (1)

Going to the Centre of Berlin took us only 10 min and there was a metro every 5 min so that’s really comfortable.
Arriving at the platform was pretty cool because you can already see some amazing monuments, like the TV station.
The first day we just wandered around and started exploring on our own, but not too much because we still had a bike tour waiting for us the next day!
The only thing we did was the St Mary’s Church as this came along our path.
It looked bigger than you would’ve expected and deeper also.
Afterwards we looked for a nice place with a view to have lunch and then afterwards dinner!
We ate pretty good but a bit more expensive, I would recommend to eat a bit out of the centre.
Unless you want to have those romantic dinners with a view of course!

Facetune-201709081643476090 20170430_210305 IMG_20170816_125923_044

Berlin on bike
We had an appointment at 11am sharp at the gorgeous restaurated Schulthess-brewery.
There they will give you your bike and give you a small explanation of what to expect.

20170501_110027 20170908_174056

Our guide, John was awesome, and the tempo he was going was just right for us!
We saw how the houses used to be and how they use to function and how they are still cleaning up most houses.
On about every corner was an amazing story!

20170501_111939 DCIM100GOPROGOPR0947.


We stopped at a place where you could have a quick bite, go to the restroom and check out an amazing place.
We stopped at the memorial Berlin wall and whole the way up you’ll have a view on piece of history.
Here you could imagine how they kept people from crossing the border.

 20170501_122927 20170501_122231

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0952. 20170501_131434

Going further we saw the classic sights, like the Berliner Dom, the Gendarme market, the Branderburg gate and of course the holocaust memorial.
The last stop is one of those communities’ houses, inside were stunning wall paintings.
Makes you think twice about history, how it could be cosy to see your neighbours every night or how they maybe gossiped about each other, lol.
We couldn’t completely go through the Branderburg because there was a small festival going on.
We were there at the weekend of ‘liberty day’, even though it was a fun and original way to explore Berlin!
I think if we would do it ourselves we wouldn’t have seen so much, so thank you for that!

IMG_20170502_163306_136 IMG_20170506_091934_007

After the ride we couldn’t resist to check out the festival of course.
Walking through the festival we came across the Memorial to Roma Holocaust Victims and Soviet war Memorial, that’s also from our list now.

20170501_161935 (1)

The weather didn’t cooperate on our last day but we still got to see the Charlie check point!
You can still see some influence here, I’m not sure if it still is historical or just commercialized.
Right after our coffee near Charlie Check point it suddenly was pouring rain!
But we still had some time in our hands before we had to go to the airport, so we headed to our last stop, Tv tower – Berliner Fernsehturm.
I think most people had the same idea due to  the weather lol, we had to wait 1 hour, luckily  inside!
Make sure to check the hours because this place is really busy!
Remember I told you if you wanted to have dinner with an amazing view?
If you pay a bit more you can have dinner here!

Facetune-20170908381614013 DCIM100GOPROGOPR0937. 20170502_142723

We saw a lot in 3 days but I think there is still so much to see, it’s amazing!
I would definitely come back and explore some more!

Thank you Berlin



20170501_131315 DCIM100GOPROGOPR0954. 20170501_183148 Facetune-201709082118243869




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