Costa Rica in General and Tips        

I really loved Costa Rica!
It has so many things to offer from national parks near volcanos, mountain villages, and a rain forest to back to the beach.


Dollar or Colon
You can pay with US dollars which is convenient for my American friends but you can also exchange this to local money, Colon.
As usual we preferred to exchange it to local money, this is much easier for us but also to give tips.
If the shops recalculate in Dollars they tend to round it up to a higher amount.
Not that it bothered them as they mostly gave tips anyway.


Bug spray
What I really recommend is to bring enough bug/ mosquito spray!
Because of the climate here, they have a lot of them so better be safe than sorry.

Before we left we read some other blogs and safety procedures.
They said to always lock your car while driving and if you get pulled over by police and you have to pay a penalty, tell them that you will pay at the airport.
As they could ask for cash and still leave a note that the amount is still open.
They also said to only drive during day time, not for robbers but the roads in some areas aren’t in a good condition
I always felt safe while we were driving but we didn’t tempt our luck of course and locked our car and put all our important stuff out of sight.


Bikini, sweater and a rain jacket
Because every place we went had a different climate, you should bring a light sweater a bikini and a rain jacket as well.
Like we left sunny hot Tortugero (normally at that time a lot of rain) to Arenal, where it should be a normal dry climate but it was raining during our whole stay, but we did go swimming unplanned because it wasn’t cold, you only live once and we’ll probably won’t see it anymore

Travel agency Travelbird.
I was skeptical about the travel agency but due lack of time we gave it a shot.
And nope this is not an AD
If your read everything a week before you go and still missing something or have questions don’t hesitate to ask them, that’s what they’re there for.
Even during your travel, if you need something or something is wrong contact them, we did that too during our stay in Rincon de la Vieja about our hotel.
After an investigation they compensated us on the hotel.
Besides that set back, they did a great job on the Costa Ride fly & drive!
Compliments for them!



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