Travel size Soakwash

Have u ever experienced at the end of your holiday that you didn’t bring enough clothing or underwear?


Yep I did!
Mostly it’s underwear because of the activities we do.
But than you have to use the laundry service of the hotel or if you’re lucky there is laundry service around the corner.
For a couple of euro’s you have a bag full of clean clothes.


For those 2 or 3 pieces I feel it’s a waist of our money.
But I had the opportunity to test an eco-friendly no-rinse laundry product!
sounds easy right, and yep it is.
This product is better for your delicate wardrobe, although it mentions that you can use it for almost all clothing.
I had the travel size bottle ‘material girl’, they have all sort of scents or scentless for the more sensitive among us and a full size, travel size and mini bags.


so how to use it with hand wash.
1 teaspoon in 1 gallon of cool water.
Let is soak for 15 min, no need to do something extra or so like with a normal hand wash.
Gently squeeze and no need to rinse!
Lay knits flat to dry and that’s it.


I used it for some underwear, bikinis and a t-shirt while I was in Montenegro.
It’s handy too for those couple of pieces that you only need.
And it’s easy to bring but maybe I’ll try those little bags next time 😉



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