Pueblo Dorado Hotel 3*, Tamarindo Costa Rica

Welcome to one of our last hotels!
A spacey parking lot and we had a warm welcome!

Hotel tam

We were much too early, the friendly receptionist told us that our room wasn’t ready yet but we could freshen up in the bathroom and leave our luggage while we go have lunch.
The receptionist who had the night shift was really friendly too! He made small conversations and we had a laugh.

The hotel is just 2min from ‘the centre’ and you have to cross the street to get to the beach.
But that’s also the start of the mangrove so it’s best to go a bit further for a swim!
Where we had lunch is also the place where you have breakfast.Maybe a bit strange but the hotel works together with a place called ‘Eat at Joe’s’.
it’s a 1min walk from the hotel.
You’ll get a menu and there you can choose from.
They had some good stuff to choose from! but again as everything in Tamarindo you’ll always get a lot!
You could have a cup of coffee and a fresh juice, but that’s it.
You had to pay for a refill, we had enough but I could understand that some people wouldn’t be satisfied.


The building wasn’t that big but it did have a small swimming pool with a nice wall painting.
You could use their towels for the beach if you promised to bring them back of course, that’s handy!

hotel (1)

Our room was bright, small but cosy, our bathroom was clean (thank god) and  you had complementary products.
There was a sign about mosquitos with how dangerous they can be, good that we saw that because we noticed loads of them we even had to get some extra anti mosquito products.
I guess it’s because we’re near the mangrove.

Facetune-201708261457005143 (1) Facetune-20170826406539940 Facetune-2017082635513052 (2)

I enjoyed this hotel, it was calm, refreshing and really friendly staff.
We can easily come back here!



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