And than finally beach time in Tamarindo!

If you have read my former blog of Rincon de la Vieja you’ll understand that I was pretty excited to leave and head out to the beach!

20170326_103716 (1)

According to our itinerary this should be the longest drive (besides going back to the start for our flight).
But I really didn’t mind at all!
We left early, because there was nothing to do the night before so we went to bed on time.
We got smoothly to our hotel but of course much too early!
But no worries we still had to have lunch and after that we could check in.


Tamarindo village
The village is actually 1 street with restaurants bars hotels and small shops.
No worries, you can eat healthy or massive nacho’s snacks, we noticed that the food they served was always so much.

20170326_163945 Facetune-201708231656096338 (2)

My guess is that Tamarindo is more known to the Americans, because the European people that we met on way, all went to a different beach if I remember correctly it was Samara beach.
Not that it bothered us in the contrary!

I don’t know if it was because we eat differently in Europe or Americans eat a lot lol!
If we could, we could open our own beach bar here, it’s so relaxed!


Facetune-201708231519632978 (1)

The beach is really long sandy with some waves.
You can learn how to surf here, which is pretty cool but we didn’t do that.
If we had more time we would! But time wasn’t on our side.
You had plenty of space to relax here and behind us there were beach bars with of course..

GOPR0828_1490740914667_high G0030831_1490740762339_high

There was a rumor that somebody got attacked last year (2016) by a crocodile!
Partly because the mangrove is only couple meters away and he was surfing real close while the tide was low.
So at first I was a bit cautioned in the sea but nobody seemed to be bothered so that feeling floated away real quick.
I love to snorkel but you couldn’t do it there, no worries you could learn how to surf or go peddle boarding.

20170326_140811 20170327_173255 (1)

Wrong Beach
We were suppose to go to Playa Grande but some how ( and yes typical us! ) we had a different beach, I guess we made a wrong turn?
But it was AMAZING! totally deserted.
apparently this was a beach were turtles come to bread when it’s the season.
There was also a sign that you had to watch out for crocodiles LOL!
You could only sit here when its low tie because with high tie, the water comes to the improvised parking.

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0872. 20170328_130527 (1)
G0040898_1490741163389_high (1) (1)

Las Baulas National Marine Park
One morning we walked at the mangrove because it was low tie, not that far of course!
But it was beautiful, you could see crabs and some fishes real clear!
We decided to go with a boat tour through the mangroves.
It started only 5min away from our hotel lol, you could only do it when it’s a high tie, otherwise the boats cannot pass.
The best time is in the early morning, than you could spot some crocodiles if you were lucky!


BUT we were aswell! We saw 2 baby crocodiles hiding while enjoying the sun!
We even saw couple of sting rays, those were pretty awesome to see.
And of course whaler monkeys, this time they were with a large group and with babies.
We figured out the hard way that they don’t really like it when you come to close.
But our guide insisted to get closer and as a result they threw poop at us!!
We had such a laugh! We didn’t got hit by the poop but the girls in front of us did but they could laugh with it.
Even though it’s really close to the touristic beach it was still calm and peaceful.

20170823_123449 20170327_140359

But besides that, there isn’t much to do, but you can easily drive to somewhere.
Most people do day trips to other village’s or expeditions.
Great Idea if you’re only here for a beach holiday!

We had an awesome time here!



20170327_175246 20170327_173255 (1)

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