Rincon de la Vieja Lodge, 3* Costa Rica

Well I got quite a story to tell about this hotel.
And sadly it’s not a good one.

20170324_131153 (1)

Well you arrive at a huge piece of land that looked like it used to be an old farm.
The first thing I saw were horses, a pond and a forest behind the lodges.
You could ride the horses if you’d like.
I think that’s why I associate it with a farm.


What I noticed was that the place was runned by young friendly people.
So after check in at the reception we were led to our rooms.
We had to walk a small path that shows a clean and beautiful garden with a pool.
A small one for such a big place but we didn’t mind, we only need it to cool off


Our room was simple, 2 beds, a mirror and a big fan.
With a bathroom of course.
What’s kind of cosy about all the rooms here is that there was a lounge chair and a hammock in front of our doors.

20170326_080735 20170324_174338 20170324_124421

So I wanted to use the toilet but there was no toilet paper so we had to go and get it.
These things happen of course, so we didn’t think about it that much
After we dropped our stuff and refreshed we wanted to do some exploring, we saw at the reception that there was a natural spring nearby, on the land of the hotel!
We took some water and went out.


So behind the lodges you could have a walk in the forest it was a 2km going, so not that hard.
On the way there was a cute little waterfall, what came in handy to cool off!
Just when we thought we couldn’t find it something ‘magical’ happened.
We ran into a pack of Pizot’s (hog nosed coon), they are a member of the raccoon family.
We first saw 3, I guess they were exploring and because the wind was right they didn’t notice us immediately, than the rest of the pack came.
Suddenly they saw us but because we were quiet and standing still they didn’t attack but just passed us.
I can tell you guys that it was amazing to see that.

20170324_134041 Screenshot_20170817-234351 20170324_133808

And then finally we found the natural hot spring.
It was such a pretty sight and I got excited!.. until we got close.
Oh man I almost had to throw up LOL!
It was a sulfur hot spring, I only put my toe  in it, I’ll probably will do it in Iceland but I wasn’t ready yet.

GOPR0808_1490741087189_high 20170324-256943871

On the way back we saw that you could do some zip lines here as well.
It was here that we saw spider monkeys up close!
But it was clear they didn’t want us to stay that long, they were trying to scare us.

After our hike we took a small dip at the pool and had a drink at the bar.
It was football that evening so we asked if they played it on tv.
They said (I can’t believe it) normally we are closed between 8pm and 9pm  but because it’s football they will open longer.
The next village is 10min drive but there is nothing open, so like I said there is nothing to do!

The hotel was with breakfast and dinner.
breakfast is the usual costa rican or American.
Dinner of the first night, you could only choose fish or chicken.
You should have seen our plate!
It would only fill up my tooth (like us Belgians say it).
I asked if they had dessert but they didn’t and on top of that my fish was still partly raw.
So I asked a new plate twice so we could share the 3 plates for the 2 of us.

The next day it was a buffet, it was a bit better but still wasn’t enough, you could tell from other tourists that they weren’t happy either.
We were starting to get in a bad mood of course.
Wifi was only near the reception but of course it didn’t work properly but that was expected in the area.

our bathroom was still a bit dirty.
And everywhere was chalk and the shower was leaking.
Normally we wouldn’t mind but I actually contacted our travel agency saying that all other hotels we got so far were pretty good and then you had this.

20170326_080627 20170326_080623 20170326_080629

The waiter had to do breakfast dinner and the bar all at the same time.
So sometimes you had to wait really long to get something while his colleague who only did the reception and reservations was just sitting there and looking at him.
Such a shame because the area is beautiful and the outside is taking care of.
But there were so many things that could’ve been better.
We saw that the gardener almost put a full box of chlorine in the pool, the chalk in the bathrooms could be better and then the most important for me, the food.
Don’t give people raw food and help around if you see that your colleague is super busy with handling the bar and dinner.

I hope for them that they will work on that in the future.



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