From misty mountains in Monte Verde to a Volcano area in Rincon de la Vieje.

From misty mountains in Monte Verde to a Volcano area in Rincon de la Vieje.
We traded the mountains for a national park with a volcano and this part of the country was a bit ( a lot)  warmer.
Everything was dry and you could tell that there was a fire sometimes.


We had to go through a national park to get to our hotel which we payed and was valid during our stay here.
We saw that Rincon was a bit unknown to some people.
Because there was literally not much to do, and the stuff you could do, you can do it in a day.
I don’t mean that in a boring way!
There were several hiking paths, some lead to natural springs and some to waterfalls.

Protected National park
We took the easy way lol!
We went to a let’s say a protected educational area to hike.
It’s protected because there is still an active volcano, the time when we were there you weren’t allowed to hike up to the volcano because it was too active.
You had to pay a small fee and you could choose 4 hiking roads.

1 was really small from only 3km, you basically had 2 sides on this road.
The dry hot road lets you see rocks and even mud pools with sulphur (smells soo bad, like rotten eggs!).
And then you hit the forest again, on other times they say it’s like 2 seasons on 1 road, that’s why it’s a must see hike.

20170325_093743 20170325_092504

We hiked it pretty fast I guess or maybe we weren’t so interested in specific trees 😉 we’re more animal lovers than tree huggers.

Than you had the 3 other hikes.
2 going to a waterfall and 1 to the volcano!
1 from 5km and the other (if I remember correctly) 7km.
If you wanted to go to the volcano, you had to start early if you wanted to make it back in time, but because it was active you weren’t allowed to go.
Doesn’t sound that hard right? Well, it’s not BUT it’s mostly uphill and it was soo hot!
After about 4km the road splits and then you had to choose.
For the second waterfall and the volcano you had to go the right and then to the left.
Most people chose the first waterfall and yes so did we!

G0010814_1490741015586_high 20170325_121218

The last km is tricky because it’s suddenly between rocks and that makes it even hotter to go further and finally a steep way down and then a gorgeous waterfall!
Seriously, with the sun shining it looked so blue, they said at the entry no swimming because they saw I was wearing my bikini but almost everybody was enjoying a cool refreshing swim!


Going back all refreshed and after a meal was much easier this time.
On the road we saw skull monkeys (which are really rare!) and an iguana.
After a hike like this when seeing animals and becoming one with mother nature we always feel kind of peaceful and forget about our daily irritations.
I loved it!


After the hike we still went for a snack, but not at the park.
We had to go a bit outside of the park to get to the village, there you could grab a bite and there was 1 local store.

And that’s Rincon, you can go to other hotels and enjoy a natural spa.
But besides that there isn’t really that much to see.
To be really honest it sucked but that’s because of our lodge but I’ll tell you more about it on my next blog, I still enjoyed our hike though!





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