Hotel Cipreses 3* Monte Verde

We finally arrived at our hotel and there were parking spots right in front of the door!
And it was only a 5 minute walk to the centre of the village!

The theme of the hotel was wooden, like a cabin you can find in the woods and a real cleaned up area.

There were no elevators, not that I don’t mind but some pack more than others, and we were on the first floor, so not that high but like I said some pack more.

Our room had the same style with to 2 big beds with warm blankets I thought it was strange at first but I was happy that we had them at night.
We had a balcony but it was closed off with windows and connected with our neighbours, you can still open them if you like.
At some times it was annoying because our neighbours enjoyed sitting on the balcony but because it was closed off it was mouthy.
It wasn’t their fault of course!

20170322_144600 20170322_144606

The bathroom was dark red and clean!
Only there was a strange message at the door saying there was a limited time you could use the water because they try to be ecologic, we could understand them and tried our best to respect that.

juiste badkamer

Breakfast was in a pretty large room and sort of in a Costa Rican and American buffet style.
They didn’t make a lot, because they rather gave freshly made food.

The people who worked here were really friendly!
We asked about trips and must visits and they happily gave us advice.
Apparently they also were a tourist info bureau, which means other people can ask and/or book a trip.


Overall it was an okay hotel with friendly staff!



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