Welcome new concealer & miss BabyRoll mascara, L’oréal

My concealer ran out.. again!
That means I can test a new one!


I quickly knew what I wanted because on my last make up trip I was doubting to get this one as well.
And while I was at it I bought myself waterproof mascara mainly for my traveling and because winter is coming (so Game of Thrones quote lol)

L’Oréal accord parfait La touche magique
Again I chose a real light colour concealer due my dark circles under my eyes.
It’s a lovely product to use, the brush is a bit finer than my previous one (Maybeline).
But it smudges easier on my pen, so I use my sponge to clean it up a bit.
This pen is closed off so I can’t see when I almost run out but so are most concealers.
It’s a light product that lasts long enough without looking like powder or getting my eye wrinkled (ugh hate saying that out loud).

DSC00971 DSC00970

Miss Baby Roll waterproof mascara L’oréal

Wel I chose this one first because they wrote something that caught my attention.
The baby Roll collection is suited for people with sensitive eyes and wearing eye contacts.

DSC00972 DSC00968

Come to mama! I have eye contacts, so this was a big yes for me!
The mascara I usually buy are a bit more expensive but they don’t itch and aren’t waterproof,
I mostly don’t take it with me on my travels because I’ll probably end up looking like a panda because I sometimes forget I have it on.
So I was happy that a normal brand finally has one for people like me.
To get the baby Roll look, I had to stroke it couple times but I’m happy and like they promised no itchy eyes!




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