Eco Arenal hotel 3*

After our stay in Tortuguero I got exited for what’s next!


So our next hotel/lodge was Eco Arenal Hotel 3*.
It was a different one than we were supposed to have but we  didn’t mind.
Like I mentioned in my former post, we had to drive ‘around’ to get there because of the bridge that fell.

It was a pretty big area just outside of town, we drove up a nice parking lot.
You could immediately see the breakfast area, it was completely open, only a roof just in case it would rain.

We just arrived while the sun was setting and I mean how GORGEOUS was this view!
This was just in front of the breakfast area where you could also park your car.


Our room was pretty basic, we had a small terrace which was convenient if our clothes needed to dry.
We had a refrigerator that kind of smelled a bit and was rusty and an airco.
The bathroom was basic but clean! What really is important for me.

 20170320_171300 20170320_171309

We had to put ‘more important’ stuff a bit higher because there were ants  and other insects coming inside, I made hubs come out of bed to get some of them because I was a bit scared to go the toilet, LOL.


There was a lovely pool you could use but of course the weather didn’t let us enjoy it.

And there was only WIFI near the reception I’m still not sure if I was bothered by that, maybe only when right before we went to bed.


Breakfast was pretty simple but okay, you could choose between a Costa Rican breakfast or American.
Costa Rican is rice and beans with if I remember correctly a sausage and always some fresh fruit, American was eggs and bacon with some toast and the fresh fruits.

Overall it was a great place for a 3* hotel, they did a great job on the outside!
Maybe here and there some updates on the inside and then we would definitely come



20170320_171350 20170320_171337

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